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Caffeinated Party Ready on the go

Whether you’re team night in or team night out, there’s no denying the superpowers of the superfood Caffeine. From looking your very best to expertly nursing your hangover like a pro, thise wonder ingredient is the ultimate pre-party perk-me-up or after-party pick-me-up that will get you hooked to good. You can be a Caffeinated party ready on the go!

Here’s looking at a few ways:


1. Toned and Tempting to Touch!

Party- ready skin that is toned, tanned and smooth to touch? Yes, please!. Caffeine, present in Coffee, tones and soothes the skin to make it look smooth, soft and jaw-dropping show-stopping stunninggorgeous. It is one of the innumerable Caffeine benefits for skin and a sure shot way to be addicted to its richness. Wanna try it for yourself? Slather Lather on some sumptuousscrumptious Choco Body Butter or Coffee Body Lotion before a night out (or night in!) and feel your skin glowglisten  with the goodness of Caffeine. And, tTrust us, you’ll be tempted to touch!


2. Hair Shinier than Night Lights

Grab the spotlight with a shiney and radiance t do that promises nothing short of a GREAT hair day (or night!). Caffeine ins Coffee enhances natural shine in hair, leaving them glistening and irresistible to touch. But that’s only the beginning, Coffee and Caffeine are both wonderous when it comes to hair health. Caffeine stimulates roots with an increase in blood circulation, while Coffee is excellent for exfoliating the scalp and both promote hair growth for a healthier and stronger mane. Browse the hair brews that will help you take the center stage.


3. Wake Up Your Skin with Caffeine

Coffee in skincare is the gift that has alooooot to offer! keeps on giving. For post-party skin, think of Coffee as the elixir that restores life. Sounds magical, ain’t it? ButThis to be honest it is a lot like the first cup of morning Coffee, without which life is not business as usual. Enriched with Caffeine, Coffee is a natural energizer that boosts skin with a surge of antioxidants, and awakens it with a rush that feels fresh, healthy and very, (we repeat) VERY very addictive. For more on how to wake your skin up with Caffeine and see which is the perfect brew for you, give the Coffee Face Masks a shot.


4. The Eyes Say It All

Say goodbye to post-party panda eyes with the goodness of Caffeine. The eyes are always a dead give-away of how hard the night went. (We’re sure all the party-animals are nodding right now. Hahahaha…) And more often than not, they will tell you how your day will go depending on the light that shines through them (or the lack thereof). The Coffee Under Eye Cream is the magic wand that is will roll away the stress, tiredness, and fatigue of the hangover blues and leave you with brighter, wider and shinier eyes that speak of nothing but carefree days ahead!

So here’s your round-up of a few Coffee for hair and Coffee for skin benefits as well as hair benefits that will caffeinate you for the party, care for you after-party and get you #AddictedToGood. There’s so much more to Coffee than our beloved morning cuppa, and we are only getting started!. Watch the space fore, until next time!

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