Benefits Of Scalp Scrubbing

20 Sep 2021
Benefits Of Scalp Scrubbing

We got 99 problems, but haircare ain’t one!

You all have been relying on a shampoo-conditioner routine for longer than you can remember. However, that doesn’t quite do the trick, does it? You still feel like there’s something missing. Well, what’re you waiting for, join the exfoliation bandwagon. If your shower routine wasn’t long enough already, here’s introducing scalp scrubs. If you’re a little confused about what they are, and why they’re the new essential, read on.

We go to great lengths for our skin, but what about our hair? Think about scalp scrubs as a reset for your hair. Our scalps, quite similar to our skin, produce oil to prevent the hair from drying out. When this oil builds up more than required it becomes a problem. Shampoos aren’t always able to penetrate through the grime and oil. That’s where scrubs are helpful. They exfoliate the scalp and get rid of any leftover product, oil, and impurities - keeping the pores clean and hair healthy.

An oily or dirty scalp can be held responsible when it comes to hair fall, damaged or weak hair. The excess oil produced attracts dirt and clogs the hair follicles, making them prone to breakage. Scalp scrubs are a well-loved way to take care of all those problems.

How to use a scalp scrub?
Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through scalp exfoliation. If this is your first time using a scalp scrub, enjoy it - it definitely won’t be your last! This deep cleansing Hair Care Duo is the perfect combo to help you start.


  • Wet your hair and divide it into sections.
  • Take a spoonful of the scrub to begin with, and apply it to the scalp.
  • Massage it for a couple of minutes. Remember to use gentle motions to avoid any hair fall.
  • Repeat until the entire scalp is covered.
  • Afterwards, rinse with water and follow it up with a shampoo.

You may exfoliate your scalp once or twice a week. Remember to not overdo it! Too much exfoliation confuses the scalp and sends it into overdrive, thus producing more oil.

Does scalp scrubbing cause hair loss?
Contrary to popular belief, exfoliating your scalp does not cause hair loss. Exfoliation has an invigorating effect on the scalp which leads to better blood flow and root stimulation - all of which actually help in growing healthier hair. Undoubtedly, there will be hair fall when you exfoliate your scalp but not more than the ordinary. If that’s why you were hesitant to give scalp scrubs a try, take our word, and go for it. A refreshing scalp massage has a ton of advantages, let’s see what they are.

Benefits of scalp scrubbing

#1 Goodbye dandruff
For those of you struggling with dandruff, scalp exfoliation is a blessing in disguise. It’s time you add a scalp scrub to your hair care regime - a healthy, clean and refreshed scalp awaits. Scrubs are a potent way to clear dead skin cells and reduce dandruff drastically. This Coffee Scalp Scrub is a treat for your hair and your nose(think freshly ground coffee bean aroma)

#2 Therapeutic
More than just a product to cleanse with, scrubs help you unwind, relax, and pamper yourself. The gentle circular motion of exfoliation eases up tension and relieves stress. You’ll definitely feel more relaxed after a soothing scalp scrub.

#3 Faster hair growth, yay
A fresh scalp translates to voluminous locks. When you think about how your hair grows, think about plants. When you have a clean scalp with no clogged follicles, your hair doesn’t have to struggle to flourish. They can grow longer and stronger, with no fight for nutrients or moisture that was previously blocked by dead cells and buildup.

#4 You can DIY at home
Our fav part about this hair care regime is that it involves no expensive list of products or trips to the spa. You can easily make your own hair scrub at home if you don’t wish to buy one. Here’s what you’ll need.

Ingredients - 3 spoons of brown sugar & 2 spoons of coconut or olive oil - based on your preference.

The sugar will help exfoliate through any buildup, while the oil will prevent any harsh friction. Mix the ingredients together until a paste-like consistency is reached and your scrub is ready to use! If you have a dermatological condition consult your dermatologist before using scrubs or conduct a patch test before applying it to your entire scalp.

#5 For the haircare junkie
If you’re known to use a bunch of products for your hair (think setting sprays, serums, detanglers and so on) or if your go-to when you’re running late is dry shampoo - scalp scrubs are a non-negotiator. Hair products are never completely washed off from the hair with shampoo, which is why to give your scalp that deep, refreshing cleanse you must exfoliate!

How our hair looks throughout the day can make a huge difference in how we feel and one way to up your hair game is to incorporate exfoliation. Overall, we feel scalp scrubs are a trend that is here to stay. Regular- but not excessive scrubbing can yield beautiful hair, and we won’t say no to that!

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