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AM to PM Skincare Routine For Dry Skin In Winter

Winter is here, do you know what that means? Fuzzy clothes, warm wool blankets with a hot cuppa and reruns of your favourite show - that’s a nice picture we drew for you, now let us shake you out of it! Winter also means cold dry winds and even drier skin - not such a nice picture! While the season may be joyous in its own fashion we seldom realise the implications it can have on our hair and skin. Winter always brings dry skin that lacks hydration and glow. Which is why you must begin a winter skincare routine to protect your skin from the harsh weather. So, here’s a complete AM to PM skincare routine that will help you keep your glow on!

Morning Skincare Routine

During the day, your skin is vulnerable to harmful sun rays & pollution even if you are indoors. Hence, investing in the right cleansers, exfoliators, sunscreens, and moisturisers can make all the difference in making your skin go from NAY to YAY on the glow quotient. Here’s the perfect morning skincare routine for dry skin in winters.

1. Cleanse with a Gentle Face Wash

Kind of a given, but cleansing is the most important step in ANY skincare routine. During winters, it’s time to switch to gentle and milk-based cleansers that will keep your skin hydrated while maintaining its natural oil balance, such cleansers not only removes dirt and grime but also leaves the skin soft and supple. A harsh face wash will only make skin drier. That's why you need a gentle cleanser like the Coffee & Milk Face Wash in your winter skin care routine that will keep your skin moisturized for 24 hours.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin (Twice a Week)

Talking about skincare, one cannot go without mentioning exfoliation. Let’s get this straight, if you’re not exfoliating all your leave-on products are a waste because the dead skin cells just won’t let the nourishment sink into the skin. Dead skin cells can clog the pores and prevent your skincare products from penetrating deeper into the skin. Understand it this way, if you don’t scrub your skin, it will remain dry no matter what. So, that’s why it is important to introduce a gentle yet effective face scrub. But remember to not go overboard with scrubbing, twice a week is just enough to lend your skin that healthy glow. Try the Coffee & Milk Face Scrub with Almond Milk for gently exfoliation and retaining moisture. 

3. Apply a Few Drops of Serum

Winter calls for some extra skin loving and an extra boost of moisturization, which is exactly why you need a nourishing serum in your morning skin care routine for dry skin. Serum penetrates deeper into the skin providing you with that much needed moisturization and hydration. Hyaluronic based serums are best to lend deep hydration to your skin as it not only hydrates but also helps in retaining moisture in the skin. Try our Vitamin C & Green Tea Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid that gives up to 72 hours of hydration to keep your skin soft and supple for a long time. 

4. Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturising is an important step of every skincare regime and during winters, your skin loses moisture very easily. Seal away the moisture right after a warm shower by using a good hydrating moisturizer. If your skin is oily you can opt for light moisturization to avoid breakouts. Always remember, moisturisers need to be applied while the skin is slightly damp to help the product absorb better. Lock in the moisture with the Latte Coffee Face Moisturizer and enjoy supple and radiant skin all day.

5. Apply Sunscreen

Moment of truth! Did you know that the winter sun is more harmful for your skin? During summer, we seek cover limiting our UV exposure. However, in winters, the cosy feeling of warmth that we enjoy while sitting out all day in the sun not only aggravates pigmentation but also accelerates premature ageing. So always, ALWAYS layer your skin with sun-protection that has at least SPF 30. You can apply sunscreen lotion all over the body and reapply powder sunscreen every few hours to stay protected from the harmful rays.

Night Skincare Routine

Your downtime is when your skin takes a time-out to recover and repair itself from the damages of the day, hence, it is the best time to pamper your skin with all possible nourishment so that you wake up to refreshed and radiant skin.

1. Cleansing

To drain away the day’s grime, dirt, oil, and makeup, skincare experts recommend cleansing skin thoroughly at night before going to bed. Use an instant foaming facial cleanser like the Coffee Foaming Face Wash to effortlessly remove dirt, oil, and makeup. Your night time skincare products will get easily absorbed by the skin when it is free from dirt and impurities.

2. Hydrating Moisturizer

Call it a day by gently massaging your skin with lightweight & hydrating moisturizer. One that is powered up with natural ingredients enriches and nourishes the skin through the night leaving the skin soft and supple. This is a great practice to maintain your skin’s overall health.You can use the same moisturizer as your morning skincare routine to lock in moisture.

3. Hydrating Sheet Mask 

A winter hydrating face mask can give your skin instant hydration and long-lasting moisturization. You can use a sheet mask once or twice a week or whenever your skin looks dull and dry. Our sheet mask range is supercharged with hydrating with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, coconut water, aloe vera and more to keep your skin nourished and glowing with no signs of dryness.

4. Eye Cream

While forming a winter skin care routine for dry skin, don’t forget your eyes. It is one of the most neglected parts of your body. The skin around the eyes is delicate and more prone to dryness during winters. Therefore, it is important to include an eye cream in your routine. The Coffee Under Eye Cream not only tackles dark circles and puffiness, but also hydrates tones and soothes the skin.

Winter skincare demands a little extra time and effort due to the dry conditions, but we’re not the ones to compromise on glowing skin. Here’s everything you need to know about what causes dry skin in winter. So, you can have soft, smooth and beautiful skin all winter long with just a little more care! Also, if you’re longing to relieve your skin from winter dryness then here are 7 winter skin care tips to follow.

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