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A Relaxing Sunday Plan For A Great Week Ahead

We all are a part of some hustle. We constantly keep ourselves occupied throughout the week but our bodies and mind need a day off. And what better than a Sunday?
Planning a relaxing Sunday is one thing that we can do to balance our work & life. It is a part of a healthy lifestyle and it definitely perks up our mood, elevating our senses!

So let’s get started and plan a perfect Sunday.



No hustle-bustle of the day, it’s just you and your bed! Sundays are days when you should allow your body to wake you up. In addition to a good night’s sleep, you should plan an afternoon nap as well.

Setting the perfect ambience for an afternoon nap is a must-do Sunday essential! You can choose to diffuse some relaxing essential oils or light up scented candles to calm your mind. You can use any scent you like, our faves are lavender, lemon, orange & vanilla.

Lighten up your mood just by lighting up candles. Easy and an effective way to loosen up a bit.  


Planning a long bath or shower is an amazing way of pampering yourself.  

 For all who have bathtubs, you can enjoy Epsom salt baths bombs which are great for relaxing muscles. While you are at it, you can use some raw coffee for scrubbing your skin as well. Coffee has immense benefits for skin and the aroma will help alleviate all the stress!

Enjoying a warm or cold shower while tuning in your favorite playlist is one quick and amazing way of unwinding. Sing along and unleash your bathroom singer!

After a warm shower or bath, your pores are open so now you can apply a moisturizer to your damp skin which will seep in your pores better giving you a more nourished body. Additionally, throw on your favorite facemask after bathing to take in its goodness even more. It will help you close pores and will make you feel all the more refreshed.


After a bath, relax & unwind with yourself. Grab a cuppa and walk yourself through the week. Self-care is about more than just baths and skincare, it’s about spending time with yourself as well. You can plan your week ahead - this way you will know how productive your week can be. You would also know what are you excited to do during the coming week.

Planning and looking forward to the week ahead will make you feel on top of your decisions and will bring a better perspective. Having a few things to look forward too will end your week on a positive note!


In addition to the above-mentioned plan remember to check these for an ultimate time with yourself -

➢ Soak up some sun 

➢ Keep yourself hydrated 

➢ Take out time to exercise 

➢ Meditate  

➢ Put on comfy clothes 

➢ Be grateful  

Now that you are well-acquainted with all the ways to keep your Sundays sorted, plan out a relaxing routine and let us know how well it went! You can also tell us how would you plan your Sundays in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.  

Happy Sundaying!

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