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8 Tips to keep colored hair healthy

Covering your greys or dyeing them to don a new look helps better aesthetics, however, it may not be as healthy as you think. Various hair colours in the market have synthetics and coloring agents that are harmful to your hair. Colouring them regularly may take away their natural moisture and shine.

So if you have been dyeing your locks and worrying about their health then this article is for you. Here we will be listing easy to follow tips to keep your colored hair healthy, shiny and strong.


8 Tips to maintain your hair color


#1 Wait for sometime before shampooing

If you have recently dyed your hair, it is advised to wait for at least two days before shampooing your hair. This will give plenty of time for the colour to set. Also, make sure that you have rinsed all the colours with plain water before applying shampoo to your tresses.


#2 Use Shampoo suitable for colored hair

There are various shampoos available in the market for coloured hair, however, most of them are loaded with harsh chemicals like sulphates. These chemicals cause long term damage to your hair more than it helps them. Use a gentle, mild shampoo that is free from sulphates.

We recommend our Naked and Raw Coffee Shampoo that is packed with the goodness of pure coffee extracts, argan oil, protein and caffeine. It is free from silicone and sulphates that causes damage to the hair. It is suitable for coloured hair, however, if your hair is excessively coloured with strong chemicals, please consult your hairstylist first.

#3 Refrain from heat and styling tools excessively

It may be tempting to style your hair every time you step out, but to protect your coloured hair, you should avoid heat or warm temperatures. The heat from styling temperatures and warm water showers, take away the moisture of your hair, making them dry excessively. 

Opt for air-drying your hair post-wash rather than blow-drying. But if you necessarily have to blow dry your hair, keep the temperature setting on low. Also, make sure to apply a good hair serum post-wash to protect them from excess damage. We recommend using Coffee Hair Serum which is enriched with walnut and argan oil to prevent frizz and damaged hair. It boosts manageability and provides the required strength to your strands.

#4 Avoid frequent shampooing

Shampooing your hair regularly tends to fade your hair colour faster. Avoid regular shampooing and rinse with plain water. Make conditioner your best friend every time you wash your coloured hair. Conditioners provide hydration to dry hair and apply a protective layer on your hair strands. Using Coffee Hair Conditioner which is made using natural ingredients and is suitable for coloured hair will help in strengthening them and provide needed nourishment.

#5 Apply hair mask

Providing the lost hydration and nourishment is the key to achieving healthy hair. Make sure to apply a hydrating hair mask like the Coffee Hair Mask at least once a week for repairing the damage caused to your hair. Check for the ingredients when buying over-the-counter hair masks for the presence of any sulphates or parabens and avoid using them.

#6 Wearing headgear before swimming

Pool water is treated with chlorine that can cause visible damage to colour-treated hair such as making the color fade faster or changing it. It is advisable to apply a layer of conditioner and tie them in a bun. Post this, wear appropriate headgear to cover them when heading for a swim.

#7 Opt for a hair wrap for healthy hair

Cotton bed sheets and pillowcases can cause friction while sleeping and weaken the roots. The remedy to it is either to switch to silk bed sheets and pillowcases or wear a hair wrap while sleeping. A silk or Microfiber Hair Wrap will prevent any hair damage by avoiding any friction. It will improve the texture and shine of your hair if they are prone to damage.

#8 Avoid over brushing

Dyeing your hair makes the hair weak and are more prone to hair fall. Make sure to not brush them excessively, as it weakens them further. Try using Wooden Head Massage Comb for enhanced blood circulation and it is made from natural teakwood. It is suitable for all hair types and its rounded pointers stimulate roots while relaxing your muscles.

Protect your color treated tresses

Apart from providing external care to your hair, it is important to nourish them from the inside. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated and add sufficient proteins and omega 3 to your diet. This will make your hair shinier and stronger from the inside. We hope these tips helped you, and you are all set to flaunt your new coloured hair!

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