7 DIY Coffee Based Beauty Recipes

13 Oct 2021
7 DIY Coffee Based Beauty Recipes

Looking to get that glow on with a quick DIY recipe? You’re in luck because we have some amazing skincare routines for you to try out. Homemade skincare recipes are a superb way to beat the blues and get rid of those skincare bothers. The secret to a good DIY recipe is that it should be simple and effective. Read on to know a few tried and tested DIY secrets!

There is one mystery ingredient which stimulates blood-flow, exfoliates and also wakes us up every morning. So imagine all that goodness in your very own skincare routine. This ingredient should be a must for your at-home spa day. Wondering what this magic ingredient is? Coffee! It’s the answer to all your woes. Not only does it make for a delightful drink, but also doubles as a brilliant ingredient in most skincare products.

Here are 7 quick and simple ways to incorporate coffee in your daily skincare routine

  • Face Masks
    In any household, DIY face mask recipes are passed down to generations. It’s no wonder, since they work like a charm. But, we think it's time to add a twist to them. Coffee in face masks helps to tighten skin, and is a great way to reduce acne as well. Here’s a recipe you can try out the next time:

    In a bowl, mix some yogurt, a pinch of coffee, a sprinkle of turmeric and a spoonful of gram flour. Add some water, and stir to form a paste. Apply this on your face for 10 minutes. Once dry, use lukewarm water to wash off and no wonder your skin will feel more radiant and glowing.

    P.S - Before you begin, do try a patch-test to see whether this recipe suits your skin. The anti-inflammatory properties are ideal to help with acne and leave your face feeling soothed and soft.
  • Hair oils
    Any selfcare enthusiast will tell you how important regularly oiling your hair is. We believe so too. Applying hair oil once a week strengthens and adds shine to your mane. Not only that, but massaging your scalp boosts hair-growth. We recommend checking out this Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil. It’s a lightweight formula and doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky.

    We also recommend dampening your hair before applying oil, to allow your scalp to better absorb the nutrients from the oil. Take some oil in your palm and dip your fingers in it. Work your way from the scalp, through the lengths of your hair, all the way to the ends. Then leave the oil in for a few hours and wash your hair.
  • Hair Masks
    Using hair masks regularly is a sure shot way to add more lustre to your hair and leave them moisturized. Coffee is a fantastic way to give your scalp, and hair a deep cleanse. Rinsing and scrubbing your scalp with coffee aids in keeping greys in check and keeps hair shiny and smooth. A scalp scrub using coffee helps gently exfoliate your scalp, and encourages healthier hair growth.

    For luscious locks, try using a mix of yogurt, honey, coffee and a teaspoon of oil. Leave this on your hair for 30 minutes and wash off.
  • Body Scrub
    Exfoliation is crucial for a healthy and supple skin. Coffee added to a scrub provides for an excellent and gentle exfoliation. Keeping pores clean is important to ensure that the skin doesn’t break out.
    Try using a mix of oil, coffee grounds and some honey. Here’s how to go about it

    First, take a shower to prepare your skin for the treatment.
    Make a mix of your chosen ingredients and proceed to gently rub it over your body.
    Once you’re done applying the mixture, take a warm bath to wash off the scrub. Don’t skip on moisturizing after any treatment, as it helps to seal in its effects.
  • Hair Rinse
    A hair rinse can be a bonus step in your hair care regimen, to lock in the moisture. Here we’ll tell you how to make one with coffee in it!

    - Take a glass of water and add 2 spoonfuls of coffee to it. Let it set and cool.
    - After washing your hair normally, pour the cooled rinse onto your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes.
    - Once the coffee has worked it’s magic, lightly rinse your hair. This rinse reduces frizz and leaves your hair looking glossy.
  • Eye creams
    One is likely to find coffee listed as an ingredient in many healthcare products. Under-eye creams and gels benefit from coffee, as it reduces puffiness under the eyes. Dark circles may be a result of fatigue and stress, and one way to combat them is by making this simple mixture:

    - Take some oil (Vitamin-E or Sweet Almond- as per your preference) and add coffee and honey to it. Mix well.
    - Clean your face, and apply a layer of this mix under your eyes. Leave on for 10 minutes and wash off using lukewarm water.

    Alternatively, you can also try out this Under Eye Cream, that’s enriched with ingredients like water lily, caffeine and Vitamin E - all of which help depuff and brighten the skin around the eyes!
  • Moisturizers
    Moisturization is a key part of an ideal and healthy skincare routine. Using a moisturizer after using other products on your skin, this helps lock in the effects of other treatments. Not using moisturisers leaves our skin looking dull and feeling dry. Caffeine helps in toning your skin and smoothing wrinkles or fine lines. We recommend trying out our Coffee Oil-Free Face Moisturizer.

Our skincare regimen is firmly supported by our overall health. Maintaining a balanced diet and keeping hydrated is vital to keep in good health. In trying out new recipes, be mindful of the way your body reacts to them. If some product leaves your skin feeling irritated or red, discontinue use. Know when to consult a dermatologist, if some issues persist. But the bottom line is, adding coffee to your skincare routine can make a lot of difference, so try it for yourself and do let us know!

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