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7 Benefits of Using a Natural Body Butter

Soft, smooth and healthy skin is the most desirable thing on anybody’s list (second to PS5 of course) and dare we mention, your desire to glow! Well it can be fulfilled. How, you ask? By using body butters for skin of course! No matter what your skin type, keeping it nourished is the key to good skin.

Contrary to popular belief, body butters can do much more than keep dryness at bay. Although they’re heavier than body lotions, the right one will absorb easily into your skin and keep it healthy. But, before going ahead and ordering one, you must do your homework first. What are the benefits of body butter, how is it good for the skin? Here are all the answers!

What is Body Butter?

Body butter is a lot like body lotion, only thicker, denser and richer and far more nourishing as it’s obtained from natural sources like plants, so, they are rich in essential oils and many other nutrients. Body butters are thick, and depending on the active moisturising ingredients, can even be fairly solid in texture, therefore, it takes its own sweet time to get fully absorbed into your skin but when it does, it soaks up every delightful super moisturizing ingredient.

Types of Body Butter

Body butter are of two types, one is raw and unprocessed that is derived from natural sources like nuts, seeds etc, and the other one is a mixture of raw body butter with some other potent ingredients. While both are widely available and used, we always advise to opt for the natural one as it’s free from chemicals and preservatives that may not be good for your skin.

Benefits of Body Butter

Body Butters are made without water and are thicker, almost solid at room temperature. Like mentioned earlier, they are made from natural oils, usually from nut and seed extracts. The ones made with natural and organic ingredients with little or no preservatives & chemicals deliver intense moisturization. Here are some other benefits of body butter.

     1. Rich Moisturization 

Body butter replenishes the natural moisture of the skin and locks it in, it’s a godsend for dry and parched skin as it makes it softer, smoother and healthier. People born with oily skin should opt for natural body butters as it will keep their skin nourished and supple, without clogging pores and causing breakouts. However, for oily skin, one can do away with applying it on the face. For sensitive or irritated skin, body butter can prove to be more of a treatment as it reduces inflammation and soothes the skin, it helps in retaining moisture and prevents dryness & itchiness.

     2. Reduces Stretch Marks 

Skin is quite stretchy, but if it grows/stretches too quickly it may not be able to keep up, that’s when you end up with stretch marks, while getting rid of stretch marks completely is not a possibility, applying body butter in the nascent stage reduces redness, relieves itching and prevents stretch marks from appearing      

     3. Heals Cracks & Dry Feet: 

YES! Body butter is a treat for your tired, dried and cracked heels. Just soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes and give your feet a good body butter lovin. If you have cracked heels, you can apply body butter before bed, put on socks on and you’ll wake up to soft and smooth feet.

     4. Remove Make-up 

No, we are not buttering anyone here! But, buttering your face at the end of the day will definitely help get rid of stubborn makeup. Take a small amount and gently massage your face, take a cotton pad and gently wipe off the makeup. It can even help remove waterproof mascara with ease, just ensure it doesn’t get into your eyes.

     5.Heals Sunburn

Apart from hurting your skin, sunburn can really dry out your skin. The more your skin is exposed to the sun the more it is stripped off of its natural moisture, slathering yourself in some body butter will restore the lost moisture and soothe your skin from the sunburn.

     6. Nourishes Cuticles 

Instead of investing in a different cuticle cream you can simply use the body butter on them to get instant nourishment. Take a small quantity and gently massage for a minute or two. For best results apply it before going to bed at night to lock in the moisture and keep your cuticles healthy.

     7. Delays Premature Aging

Due to triglycerides, vitamins and other nutrients present in vegan body butter, it makes the perfect anti-ageing product. Not only does it reduce fine lines, wrinkles, treat dark spots and uneven skin tone but it also blurs away acne scars.

How Much Body Butter is Enough?

A little goes a long way! Like we said earlier, body butters are really thick and rich in texture, so even a little bit of it can moisturize just enough. Use a small amount of it on specific areas and massage it all in. Rub it into your skin in circular motions, and in no time, you’ll feel it seeping into your skin. 

So tell us, how are you planning to use Body Butter, now that you know it’s an all rounder you’ve been looking for? We hope that we were able to shed some light and help you gain some extra know-how behind the butter now, go ahead and use it for the best possible outcome!

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