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6 tips to prevent split ends and hair breakage

We know how you dream of smooth, shiny and healthy hair. But we also know how changing food habits, stress, pollution, heat, etc. end up giving you double-headed distress like split ends and heart-wrenching woe like hair breakage. To top it off, chemical-rich hair care products like shampoo, conditioners, hair spray, gel, and serums make the situation worse for our locks in the long run.

While you can manage to control some of the factors, most of them are unpreventable. But the good thing is split ends can be reversed, if given immediate care and attention!   

We all know that trimming split ends off is not the solution, so ,   here are some of the easy-to-follow hacks to deal with them. .  

What causes hair split ends?

Split ends are literally the unwelcomed guests! And, we all have attended them  sometime or the other with a frown, however, it is important to understand the causes and try to tame them. Not many people are aware that split ends are among the top hair breakage reasons.

Split ends reasons can be categorized into three categories: nutritional reasons, environmental or physical reasons, and hereditary factors.

  • Exposure to sun: Excess exposure to the sun can damage the hair and can lead to loss of our natural hair color. UV rays present in sunlight lead to diminishing of protein that results in hair damage and split ends.
  • Heat damage: Regular hair grooming and styling using straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers lead to loss of moisture in hair and results in hair split ends.
  • Chemical loaded products: Chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, ammonia, etc. present in shampoos, hair colors, conditioners, etc. cause more harm than benefit. They make hair dry and brittle and thus lead to split ends.

Other than the above-mentioned factors, imbalanced diet and genetic factors may also lead to split ends.

Now that we have learned what caused split ends, read below on our tips on how to fix split ends.

6 Tips to prevent split ends

1. Regular application of hair oils

We have been hearing our mothers and grandmothers talking about the goodness of hair oils for ages and they are completely right. Split ends are caused due to the lack of moisture and hydration in hair.

The best way to provide the nourishment and moisture to dull hair is by applying natural hair like our Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil. It is made using pure ingredients that help in leaving hair shinier, softer and healthy. Two of its main ingredients are Coffee oil and Argan oil. While Coffee oil promotes hair growth, prevents greying and treats dry hair, Argan oil provides a deep condition for your hair.

2. Trim the ends

We know you hate getting a trim of locks that you have been growing for so long. But it is important to understand that split ends do not let your hair grow to its full potential and they will get tangled and will lead to hair breakage. So, trust us and get them trimmed and your hair growth will improve.

3. DIY hair masks

Providing natural hair treatment to your hair can restore the lost shine and moisture in your hair. We are listing below one of the best hair masks that you can make at home to prevent split ends and keep your scalp clean.

Coffee, Honey Mask: For this mask, mix 1 tablespoon of coffee powder, honey and olive oil each and form a smooth paste. Apply to the scalp till the ends of hair and leave for half an hour. Rinse it with a gentle shampoo.

But if you are not interested in a DIY mask, you can get your hands on our Coffee Scalp Scrub which delivers similar benefits and is very easy to use. Massage the scrub gently for a couple of minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

4. Steer away your hair from heat

Grooming and styling hair are required but they cause significant hair damage. You should avoid heating stylers and use them only when required. Do not overheat the styler and use a heat protectant spray before styling.

5. Shut door on chemical products

Products that have chemicals in them can be damaging for your tresses in the long run so it’s best to avoid them. Choose products made using natural ingredients for your hair such as our Coffee Shampoo, Coffee Hair Conditioner, etc. that are free of sulfates, ammonia, and so on. Using these hair products will help in restoring the shine of your hair and will make them softer as well.

6. Say no to excess brushing

Excess brushing can damage your hair irrespective of whether they are wet or dry. Too much of anything is bad and the same goes for this as well. Keep your combing habits under check and you will be good to go. Use a wooden comb instead of your regular plastic ones that can be damaging for your hair as well as the environment. Check this Natural Teakwood Head Massage Comb from mcaffeine that will gently massage your hair with each stroke.

We hope these tips  revamp your hair care routine and do the trick of preventing  your hair from  damage with time. Do try them and we are sure you will never freeze at the mention of  split ends again. Also do add coffee hair products from mCaffeine to add shine to your locks!

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