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Benefits of caffeine for hair

‘Caffeine’, a common term. Something that we come across everyday. Something that is everyone’s cup of tea and wait, cup of coffee… and wait, maybe more. Do we know that this word is a boon to hair and skin? A gift of nature. It recharges our senses when added to beverages. We hardly know the fact that it can also breathe a new lease of life into dull, damaged and rough hair.

The quality and length of our hair are dependent upon the nutrition our hair follicles receive and carry over to the hair shaft. Caffeine penetrates into the hair roots and follicles and strengthens the hair shaft; we have based our shampoo on this miraculous ingredient.

Caffeine can be a boon to our hair in the following ways:

Every now and then, we complain about hair loss. One of the major reasons is the overstressed environment we face. Pollution, lack of healthy diet, pressured work stress, and insufficient time given to hair care directly result into dull, rough damaged hair and eventually hair loss.

Men experience hair loss due to male hormone dihydrotestosterone(DHT) which damages hair follicles. The reduction in the size of these follicles causes simultaneous hair loss which results to eventual baldness.

Caffeine comes as a boon in this case. When hair are treated with caffeine, it makes its way to the hair roots and stimulates them. Not only does it deter baldness and hair loss, it also rejuvenates hair roots and gives better and lustrous hair.

Give a natural sheen to your hair and make them more manageable. For this purpose, caffeine hair cream is our only kit for the day. So, what are we waiting for? Add some caffeine to the daily hair care routine and let the hair breathe a caffeinated and strong life. I promise, your hair will THANK YOU!



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    Rahini Kumar
    Rahini Kumar

    I would like to have face uplift cream, but it shows out of stock,could you please block me one and mail me when it’s available.

    Dean Thomas
    Dean Thomas

    Thanks for the informative and helpful post. I have been suffering from hair loss problem for a long time and seeking relief desperately. If this caffeine hair cream works on me I will be grateful. Thanks for the sharing this info with us.

    Amita Gupta
    Amita Gupta

    Actually I just want to try them first i used many shampoos irony get best result my hair becomes life less and growing fast and breaks easily.
    Can you please provide me one free sample of coconut SLS free and Parabeen free shampoo sample..
    Please sit..

    Thanking You..

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