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We try it all - from talcum powder to turmeric

The majority of people around me are dark complexioned like me. They all have skin lightening tips handy whenever they meet anyone a shade darker than themselves. They almost crave their turns to share self-discovered home remedies to achieve their fair skin fantasies. In return, I do the same. We try it all - from talcum powder to turmeric.

I never miss a chance to note down the name of a talcum powder in all the homes where I work as a maid. I even look at what fairness products some of my employers are using. I need to know about trending cosmetics as a mother of two growing daughters.

My children often fight about complexion. My elder daughter has a lighter complexion than my other two kids. She often teases her younger siblings.about their skin. I have to console the younger two by promising to find a doctor who might change the way their skin looks. They are 6 and 8.

I have never considered this as an issue so far. What needs to be done needs to be done. In our struggle to meet our basic amenities and basic education for our children, these things are non-issues. We don’t have time and energy to sensitise our children about these issues.Besides, the fact is that when my girls grow up, one of the most important things a prospective groom will be looking at is their complexion. If I want them to get a good husband - one who earns well - I have to ensure that their skin colour is light.

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