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Wooden Head Massage Comb

Stimulates Roots | Improves blood circulation | Travel Friendly
MRP: Rs. 449
Inclusive of all taxes

Massage away the tension with the Wooden Head Massage Comb that is gentle on the hair and is suitable for all hair types. Made of natural teakwood, the premium comb is handcrafted and polished smooth to get you hooked!

  • Why should you buy it?
  • Ingredients
  • How to use it?
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Why should you buy?

Stimulates Roots

The teakwood teeth of the comb are gentle and stimulate healthy hair growth. This can be a nourishing experience when the hair is oiled.

Improves Blood Circulation

The wide-toothed comb evenly covers the lengths of the scalp as it relaxes and eases tension, improving blood circulation in the process.

Travel Friendly

The comb is easy to use and comes in a comfortable size that makes it a perfect travel-friendly add-on in your personal care kit.


Natural Teakwood The premium, handcrafted Wooden Head Massage Comb is made up of natural teakwood and is polished smooth.

How to use

The Wooden Hair Massage Comb is to be used on dry scalp or after oiling your hair with the Coffee Scalp and Hair Oil.

Step 1:
Massage gently in light circular motions to relax scalp muscles and ease stress.

Step 2:
Run the comb over the entire scalp to stimulate the roots during the massage.

Step 3:
Focus on the areas near the ears and right above the neck to reduce tension.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Wooden Head Massage Comb good for my hair?

The Wooden Head Massage Comb is wide-toothed to induce a relaxing sensation as it stimulates the hair roots and improves blood circulation for healthier hair.

Yes, the Wooden Head Massage Comb is gentle on the hair and does not pull or tug on the hair.

Yes, the comb can be used on oiled hair before hair-wash.

The premium and handcrafted Wooden Head Massage Comb is made of natural teak wood and is polished with a smooth finish.

The Wooden Head Massage Comb is suitable for all hair types.

Massaging the scalp with mCaffeine’s Wooden Head Massage Comb maintains scalp health and leads to the growth of nourished hair. The scalp massage comb releases tension, stimulates hair roots, and improves blood circulation in the scalp, leaving it relaxed and de-stressed.

Massaging the scalp with the hair massage comb effectively stimulates the hair roots which in turn results in hair growth. mCaffeine’s Wooden Head Massage Comb is a wide-toothed comb that evenly covers the lengths of the scalp, improving the blood circulation in the scalp and thus resulting in good and vibrant hair health.

Massaging your scalp every day is an excellent way to maintain good scalp and hair health. Regular use of a hair scalp massage comb releases tension, stimulates roots, and improves blood circulation, leaving you with healthy, nourished, and lively hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Nice to use it as a foot massager

Debjani Chakraborty

Wooden Head Massage Comb

Shaima syed
Head massage comb

It is very good and handy to use and relieves your scalp very nicely

Vankayala Pravallika

At first I didn't have hopes but somehow brought the product...after using it, definitely it did gave me a very better results..Thank u MCaffeine♡

Sarah Anna Shaji
Wooden head massage comb

❤️ Travel friendly product Loved it

Navya Thorpunoori
Cute massager

Little cute massager, handy, finely crafted, useful product 💕

Wooden Head Massage Comb

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