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Your 5 min video call ready routine

While everybody is practicing social distancing and working from home these days, many of you would be switching screens now and then for Zoom meetings or video calls with friends.

And let’s admit it, with those overslept eyes and dull face everybody tried to look their best on the call but gave it up as there were only a few minutes left to tackle the face!

But it’s equally important to look your best even if you are stuck at home as you’d do if you were headed out.

So, here we are with some easiest tips to get ready in just 5 minutes ahead of your next Zoom meeting or a video call!


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Well, before touching your face it is important that you wash your hands nicely! Now that you have started right, give your face a boost of freshness by washing your face. Clean your face thoroughly with your favorite face wash for refreshed skin in seconds.


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Everyone keeps talking about hydration and it actually takes only a few minutes to do so.

Time to drink a glass of water and also give some to your skin. For your face, slather on a hydrating face serum into the skin! Applying a face serum would make sure your skin is hydrated and would also wake your skin up and give it a healthy glow.


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Whether its late binge-watching or playing online games, our sleep schedule has definitely gone for a toss & it can be reflected on our skin. And we surely don’t want the camera to pick up on that. Hence, make sure to use a lightweight under eye cream & gently pat it to relieve the under-eye puffiness & dark circles.


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Now that you are done nourishing your skin, it’s time to give some love to your lips. Grab a lip balm and moisturize those dull and dehydrated lips. Softly, pop a conditioning balm and apply a thick layer to give lips a plump natural texture. And ladies, you can pick your favorite lip tint and dab a few drops of it on your cheeks, the lips. Just a little dabbing and you are ready!


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Lastly, get yourself your favorite beverage on your desk to sip in between the call. A refreshing beverage like a cup of tea or coffee would make sure you are awakened from the inside as well. So, just grab a cuppa to get pumped up like your skin is!

These were the 5 quick fixes that would help you ace that at home look very easily. Just a few minutes of prepping the skin and keeping it natural and you’d be ready for your zoom call/ video call with a confident look!

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