Why is Green Tea Hyped as a Skincare Ingredient?

20 Sep 2021
Why is Green Tea Hyped as a Skincare Ingredient?

If there’s anything that comes close to being the elixir of life, our money is on green tea. You might not love the taste, but it’s a superstar when it comes to beauty and health - both mental and physical. Over the past few years, more and more self-care brands have discovered the numerous great properties of green tea and started to incorporate it into their products. Green tea has many diverse benefits when it comes to our skin, and we’re here to spill the tea on why you should make it a part of your skincare regime.

#Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Apart from being a trusted morning pick-me-up, green tea is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. As a skincare ingredient, green tea works wonders for itchy, inflamed or irritated skin. Even if you have a sunburn, simply treating it with a green tea bag can help. After brewing a cup of green tea just let the tea bags cool down. Once cool, apply them over the affected area a couple of times and watch the magic happen.

We agree - using green tea bags might not be the simplest way to use green tea as a skincare product, but we do know what is. An easy way to make green tea a part of your daily routine is by choosing products that use green tea extracts. We recommend checking out this Night Gel - it’s a great way to pack in some intense overnight hydration, and wake up to supple skin.

#Go-To for Oily Skin/Acne
The benefits of green tea are not limited to just our diets. A component called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) is abundantly present in green tea. Why is that important? EGCG reduces the production of excessive sebum in the skin, which prevents it from getting too oily. Overproduction of sebum is also a common cause of acne. So essentially, green tea helps control acne. It also limits the formation of acne-causing germs - all thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of the tea.

#Skin protection
Products that use green tea as an ingredient are truly godsent! Read on to know why.

  • Green tea contains a lot of important ingredients. One of them being vitamin E, which plays a big role in nourishing and hydrating the skin.
  • It also lessens the appearance of ageing by minimizing hyperpigmentation and fine lines.
  • The aforementioned EGCG protects and repairs the cells, which makes our skin look more radiant.
  • Additionally, the antioxidants in green tea help our skin recover from the sun’s harsh UV rays and everyday pollution.

We’ve probably stressed enough the benefits of green tea, and if you’re someone who struggles with dry skin, you can check out this Green Tea Kit which contains a face serum and night gel. Packed with powerful ingredients like vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid - the duo is a one-stop solution to dehydrated or dull skin.

#DIY Masks
The good thing about green tea as a skincare ingredient is that you don’t need to spend big bucks to reap the benefits. The best ingredients can almost always be found in our kitchen. You can make a DIY face mask using green tea, all at a minimum cost and hassle.

Here’s our top go-to recipe -

What you’ll need: Green Tea & Honey

  • Save your green tea bag/ tea leaves the next time you brew yourself a cup
  • Simply mix the soaked and drained leaves with ~1 tsp of honey to form a paste, and apply it evenly to your face.
  • Let it sit for 15 - 20 mins, and wash off with lukewarm water.
  • Remember to moisturize afterwards, and say hello to instantly glowing and refreshed skin.

#Caffeine Power
Midnight Netflix binges leaving you with designer bags under your eyes? Here’s what to do!
A DIY hack that has been used for decades is using chilled green tea bags for under-eye skin.
Here’s what to do - Take a freshly used teabag and cool it in the freezer for 15-20 mins. Apply gently around your eyes and rinse off afterwards.

The caffeine in green tea mixed with its anti-inflammatory properties makes it a perfect solution for dark and puffy eyes. The caffeine contracts the vessels under the skin thus reducing swelling and eliminating dark circles.
Sadly, this alone won’t be able to get rid of dark circles completely. So, make sure that you eat a healthy diet, and keep sipping on water throughout the day.

#Precautions to keep in mind
There are a few things that you should be cautious of when using green tea for your skin.

  • Never use teabags while they’re hot. Always remember to let them cool for about 20-30 mins
  • If you get any green tea in your eyes, rinse them thoroughly. Don’t open your eyes while the teabags are placed on them.
  • Conduct a patch test and discontinue use if you experience any irritation or adverse reactions.

A cup of green tea in the morning makes for the perfect start to our day, and now that’s true for our skin too. Hope we were able to give you an insight into how you can use green tea as a skincare ingredient. Cheers!

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