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Tips to Hack Post-makeup Skin Recovery

While using cheap and poor quality makeup can be hazardous for your skin, did you know that sleeping with makeup on or keeping that foundation on your skin for way too long can be extremely harmful for your skin too? Leaving the makeup on your skin can clog pores (with the dirt the products picked up during the day) and irritate your skin, sometimes resulting in zits, rash and skin infections!!! You read that. But we are not here to make you anxious or aggravate your post-makeup skin concerns, we are here to solve them for you. Read these tips that will help you tackle post-makeup skin recovery and give you healthy and nourished skin. 

1. Clear 

Makeup removal is an easy and elementary process in getting rid of product buildup and dust on your face that you pick all day. You could either use wet wipes or a good skin moisturizer. Just squirt some of the product on a wad of cotton and rub it in your face gently to remove the makeup. The Coffee Oil-Free Face Moisturizer is packed with skin friendly ingredients and keeps your skin moisturized for 48 Hours! 

2. Cleanse

Some particles in the makeup can be sticky and tough to get rid of just by cleaning your face, hence using a good facial cleanser or a face wash can do the trick for you! The Coffee Face Wash deeply cleanses the skin and contains the magic of Whitewater Lily, Seaweed and Aloe which work their wonder together and give you a refreshed & clear skin, with a touch of caffeine! 

3. Tone 

The moment you cleanse your skin, your pores would be open and vulnerable, hence it’s essential to seal them & heal them with the proper nutrients. This hydration would also help in compensating for the loss of natural oils that have been stripped in the cleansing process. To undo the damage caused and give back essential oils and nutrients to your skin, you could go for the Coffee Face Serum. 100% users saw improvement in skin hydration for upto 72 hours after first use. Go and get hooked on the ultimate skin hydration!

4. Moisturize

Never be lazy about moisturization! This process is crucial in maintaining good skin health and giving the skin back all that it lost in the process of using products and wearing makeup. Moisturization heals, rejuvenates and prepares your skin for the next day. Hence, a good face moisturizer is bound to go a long way. Also, if you have been wearing lipstick all day, give them the love they deserve by keeping them away from getting chapped and pigmented, with our best-selling Coffee Lipcare Range. It’s so good, you’ll be addicted in no time!  

5. Detoxify

Post-makeup hacks can for sure help your skin get back its mojo but it's also important that every once in a while, you take a break from makeup and spend some time pampering and nourishing your skin! Nutrients like aloe, neem, seaweed can be a great source of hydration and rejuvenate your skin, at the same time DIY Face masks and scrubs can help your skin in getting the much needed nutrients, while you de-stress & relax! The Mocha Coffee Face Mask with Cocoa, Bentonite & Kaolin Clay fights skin damage, tones skin and helps in sebum control- the best caffeinated damage repair! 

So let’s recap, it’s- Clear, Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize and Detoxify! We assure you that these quick skin hacks would help your skin in post makeup recovery and give it the rest and prep it needs before you glam it up again! But while we talk of quick fixes and hacks, let us also mention that proper nutrition, hydration and a healthy skincare routine (with the right products) are important steps that you need to undertake for long term good skin health. At mCaffeine, we want to help you get your skin mojo back and stay caffeinated, on the hook!

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