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The Glass Skin Approach in 2021

Ever looked at someone and wondered ‘wow, their skin is almost like smooth glass.’ Well, the glass skin approach is based on something similar. It isn’t about having the perfect skin or comparing your skin with that of others, but instead it refers to the time when your skin is at its healthiest.

In case you’re wondering, what’s the Glass Skin approach, then you have come to the right place. From the glass skin routine to glass skin tips, we have all the answers for you. Glass like skin approach is often compared to a baby’s skin which is dewy, bouncy and see through in its nature. This trend initially originated in Korea but became all the rage in the States where it spread like wildfire and quickly gained popularity.

The glass skin routine is a part of K-Beauty that's been on everyone’s radar for a while now for a variety of reasons. It’s a seven to eleven step routine depending on how thorough you would like to be with it. We understand that everyone’s skin is different and aiming for a poreless skin isn’t always achievable, that’s why for us, this approach is simply a means of attaining our best possible skin and taking care of it in the best possible manner. This skin care regime that helps achieve this is aimed at giving the skin its required nutrition. So, let’s discuss the step-by-step routine to achieve glass like skin, shall we?

Glass skin routine

Let’s break down the steps to follow and the products to use for the glass skin routine :

  • Oil cleanser and gentle foam cleanser for double cleansing - Start the routine with an oil cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and makeup, and then use a gentle, foaming cleanser to remove any remaining residue.
  • Exfoliator - This step is to scrub off the dead cells and allow new fresh plump skin to take their place with time. This helps in unclogging pores and making the skin glow naturally if done 2-3 times a week. Our Naked and Raw Coffee Face Scrub is great for this step. You can also use home-made scrubs to get glass skin naturally. If you’re trying a glass skin care routine for oily skin, you can increase exfoliation to 3 times a week.
  • Essence - This step isn’t a very common part of most skin-care rituals but these changes are what makes this K-beauty trend different. These are less-concentrated versions of serums that tend to be more lightweight and watery in consistency.
  • Serum - We love a good serum to target specific skincare goals, they are an important part of Korean skincare because of their effectiveness in working on specific issues. Remember that the best serum for glass skin includes retinol and/or Vitamin C, like this Naked Detox Green Tea Face Serum.
  • Moisturiser - Moisturizers are a not-to-be-missed step in this skin care routine. For this, you would want to pick a light-weight, non-greasy moisturiser to hydrate your face well. Pick something that has antioxidants and hydrators. This Coffee Oil-Free Face Moisturizer or Naked Detox Green Tea Body Gel Lotion are crowd-favourites in this category.
  • Sunscreen - This one’s literally a shield from excess sun rays and protecting you is all it does, but still many of us end up neglecting this step. It should be the last step to seal the deal with some SPF and should be done everyday. You can pick Korean BB or CC creams that have SPF for this.

We’ve covered the essential steps for the glass skin routine, but to add to this and perfect it, you should also include Face masks in your routine. Two other important glass skin makeup products would be a nice lip balm that keeps your lips hydrated and plump, along with a good eye cream like Naked & Raw Coffee Under Eye Cream that nourishes this delicate area as under eyes need more moisturisation than the rest of the face.

The idea of consistency and knowing what your skin wants exactly is an art in itself. If it is oily, dry or combination skin: one should take special care in picking products that go a long way into making your skin luminous and glass-like. In simple terms, the best products for glass-skin are those that cater to your skin’s needs.

What we really love about this Glass skin approach is the fact that it moves away from highly chemicals products and the ‘instant result’ mindset to more natural and hydrating products that show results with consistency and time. The best glass skin products focus on hydration, moisturization and tackling the issues from the roots, over covering them up.

You’ll notice that all the glass skin makeup products, whether it’s a moisturizer or a cleanser, are formulated with hydrating ingredients like green tea and have botanical waters and extracts at their core. So, follow these glass-skin tips and steps consistently to get glass-skin at home because when it comes to this approach, consistency and natural ingredients are key.

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