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Secret Benefits of Scalp Massage

Undoubtedly, everyone’s favourite part about getting hair shampooed at a salon is the super relaxing scalp massage. While the hairdresser massages our scalp it feels like all the day’s worries melt away. A scalp massage eases tension, relaxes the body, and stimulates hair growth. For us, a typical Sunday wind down is incomplete without a head massage and a face mask.

However, it isn’t necessary that a head massage comes with a hole in your pocket and a time consuming trip to the salon. The best thing about head massages is that they can be done from the comfort of your home, at your convenience. Simple pleasures are often underrated and head massages are one of them. If you’ve never indulged in one, you’re definitely missing out!

Read on to know the benefits of scalp massages and how you can pamper yourself with one at home.

Traditionally, all you need for a head massage is some hair oil. There are a variety of tools and devices available for head massages, but our suggestion is to use your fingertips - that’s what makes it extra relaxing! Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1 - Pour some oil into a bowl. Let down your hair, and comb through to remove any tangles.

Step 2 - Using your fingers, evenly apply oil throughout your scalp. Go in for a nourishing and moisturizing oil, like coconut. You can also check out this Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil. It’s lightweight, non-sticky and enriched with the goodness of caffeine and argan oil.

Step 3 - Place the thumbs on your temples so you have a firm & supportive base, and slowly start massaging your scalp in a circular motion. Work through the entire scalp, massaging with medium downward pressure.

Step 4 - To finish off, you can gently massage the area around your ears and the eyebrows. It might feel a little weird initially, but it’s super relaxing.

Step 5 - Rinse the oil with a gentle shampoo. To add some extra oomph to the experience, get your hands on this Coffee Shampoo, your hair will thank you. After a hair massage, your hair will feel twice as soft and smooth.

Another head massage technique involves using a scalp scrub. Yes, you read that right. Just like your skin needs exfoliation from time to time, so does the scalp. A scalp scrub helps remove dandruff and invigorates the scalp to cleanse pores and promote hair growth.

We recommend this sulphate and silicone free Coffee Scalp Scrub. It’s 100% vegan, and PETA certified! All you need to do is, apply the scrub on the scalp and massage it for a couple of minutes. Repeat until the entire scalp is covered. Rinse and shampoo afterwards. The massaging action stimulates the roots for a healthy and cleaner scalp.

Tips and benefits of scalp massages

#1 Eases tension
We tend to hold a lot of tension in our shoulders and head, especially in the temples, behind the ears, and the back of the neck. A head massage is an enjoyable way to ease out the body and break down any unwanted stress. It only takes about 10 minutes and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Ironically, stress is one of the main reasons behind hair loss.

#2 Promotes hair growth
Blood circulation plays an important role when it comes to hair growth. Regular scalp massages increase blood flow to the hair follicles thus improving hair quality. With regular massages, you’ll be able to notice the improvement in your hair. You can also invest in a scalp massager for greater root stimulation and relaxation.

#3 How often?
There’s no prescribed number of times you should indulge in a head massage. It may be done daily or a few times a week depending on your preference. We recommend going for a 5 -10 minute head massage every day. You don’t necessarily need to apply hair oil for a massage. You may choose to use essential oils like lavender or keep it simple and massage your scalp using just your fingertips (Be careful to not use your nails).

#4 Eases headaches
Head massages have been proven beneficial in reducing migraine pains and headaches. The stress release and increased blood flow help subside pain and uplift the mood simultaneously. For headaches that are not too extreme, you can try closing your eyes and massaging the scalp for 10-15 mins. It’ll sure make a difference and make you feel better.

#5 Be careful
If you notice increased hair loss, itchiness, or any other reactions, be sure to consult a dermatologist and discontinue the use of new products. Before applying any product to your entire scalp, we recommend conducting a patch test on the nape of your neck. If you have a super sensitive scalp, avoid hair scrubs, and go for head massages while you shampoo.

We hope this article was helpful, and you gained some information about scalp massages and the benefits they bestow. They’re an easy addition to your daily or weekly routine, and once you get into the habit, you won’t be able to stop!

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