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Pre & Post Holi Skin Care: The Coffee Edition

As kids we all used to get super excited about Holi. Throwing balloons, rubbing colours on each other, dousing in dyed water and so much more. But now as grown-ups, the worries of your skin dread you so much that you avert the thought of playing it like you used to. Already nodding your head? C’mon Caffeinators, why fear when we’re here? 

There’s no denying that most of these dyes are made using chemicals. And, even if some of them claim they’re organic which might cut down the risk of skin damage, some of us have skin that’s too sensitive to pass through without getting any rash or breakout. So, let us help you with some simple yet effective Holi skincare tips that’ll make your life better and allow you to play the fest, worry-free! 

But first things first, let us bust one myth about skincare during Holi. Most people think that only ‘after Holi skincare’ is important. However, that’s just one lap of it. That too, a latter one! We also need to prepare our skin before stepping out for playing. While reading this might bring creases to your forehead but let us tell you that the pre & post Holi skincare we’re going to list isn’t as cumbersome. So without further ado, let’s begin… 

Pre-Holi Skincare

Your Pre-Holi skincare plays an important role. It is essential to prepare your skin well before it comes in contact with the colours. Because, every skin is different and so is the sensitivity. The colours can end up damaging your skin. Most of us hear that dabbing a little bit of hair oil on the face can suffice, but let’s not forget how it can cause acne. Hence, a proper routine can come to your skin's rescual. And let us repeat, not an extensive but an easy-peasy routine. All you need is: 

Face Moisturizer

This moisturizer will shield your vulnerable facial skin from the harsh colours as it is loaded with the goodness of skin-friendly ingredients like Coffee, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Vitamin B5. You’ll need to apply a thick layer of this moisturizer and it’ll make sure your face stays safe from any sort of damage. 

Body Polishing Oil

Next, is this oil. While the face is our priority, we tend to forget that our body is equally exposed to these colours which can leave behind some awful traces on it. Hence, this rescuer! This Body Polishing Oil will not only envelop your skin with the superpower of Caffeine, but also tone and soothe your skin while you’re out there playing.

Lip Balm

Last but not least, Lip Balm to protect your lips. Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our skin. While we think rubbing water off your coloured lips can save them, let's not forget the residues can stay back in their wrinkles. That can ruin the health of your lips. So, do not step out of the house without slathering lip balm on them. mCaffeine’s Coffee Lip Balm provides 24 hours of moisturization to your lips. Applying a good amount of it on your lips before playing Holi, will not only guard them from any kind of damage but nourish them. 

Post-Holi Skincare

Now once you’re done having a ball celebrating the festive fervour, head straight to your bathroom! Hit the shower and cleanse yourself with a mild cleanser like mCaffeine’s Latte Body Wash. Try buffing off the colour using a loofah. Then, you need a caffeinated trio to scrub away the residues: 

Face scrub

To scrub off all the dyed dirt and perk up your face, you need a solution that you can rely on. And, that is it! It is filled with potency like Pure Arabica Coffee, Walnut, Vitamin E & Argan Oil that deeply exfoliates, nourishes and provides 24 hours moisturization to the skin, something your skin will need post-Holi. 

Body scrub

Same goes with your body, you need this scrub to gently get rid of the unwanted dyed grime, even out your skin and leave behind irresistibly soft skin. This product is packed with antioxidants, that assures your skin will be safe off free radicals with the dose of complete nourishment. 

Lip scrub

Your lips are no different! Your lips equally need some exfoliation that’ll free them off the Holi hues and smoothen them up, leaving them plumper and healthier. 

The joy of drenching in hues of blue, pink & yellow is above all. So gear up with the power of Coffee and get your skin addicted to good. Rest assured, this routine won’t let anything take a toll on either your fun or your skin! Have a safe and happy Holi! 

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