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Pre-Festive Edition: Skincare 101

The festive season has just begun and we are pretty loaded with deciding amazing outfits, looks, and family video call timings! The festive season comes with a lot of fun and we tend to forget about some important aspects such as our SKIN! From zoom parties, socially distanced outings to just being at home in your comfy clothes, your skin needs attention as much as anything else. 

So, we are here to tell you about pre-festive skincare which will get your skin glowing during the festivities. We have simplified the holy grail of skincare in a 101 skincare guide for you!

Prep Your Skin

Prepping your skin is very important since you are going to change a lot of ‘festive looks’ during the season. The first step to prepping your skin is cleansing it! Use a mild face wash to get your skin rid of dirt and impurities. After cleansing, try the Coffee Face Mask for pore cleansing and removing impurities & excess oil from the face. Apply it generously on your face, leave it for 15-20 mins and rinse off with water.

Polish It Up

Once you have prepped your skin, it is time to polish making your skin game strong! Apply some Coffee Face Serum. Take a pea-sized amount of the serum and dab it in your skin. The serum will hydrate and make your skin achieve that festive look! 

Relax & massage while you polish your skin with Coffee Body Polishing Oil. It also tones the skin and reduces stretch marks. Apply generously all over your skin, massage, and let it absorb completely. The body oil can be used before showering for a perfect base for scrubbing. 

Next, in the shower, you can take up scrubbing for exfoliation. Try Coffee Body Scrub for gentle exfoliation. Coffee particles in the scrub are excellent exfoliators. Coffee also reduces cellulite and keeps the skin toned & polished. Apply the body scrub all over the wet body and scrub in circular motions for 5 mins. You will get bare smooth skin!

Some Tips For Good Skin!

Yes! We can not forget these;

  • Keep your skin hydrated & moisturized, it is the onset of winter so your skin will tend to get dry.
  • Always cleanse your skin before bed, this ensures that you have the best of your beauty sleep.
  • Don’t forget to balm-up your lips, chappy lips can be a nightmare!

That’s a wrap!

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