Natural ingredients for hair growth

20 Nov 2021
Natural ingredients for hair growth

Your hair deserves the best, and what can be healthier than natural ingredients and homemade hair care remedies? Haircare rituals depend on the texture and type of hair. The key is to select products that have ingredients specifically designed for your hair type. By choosing such natural ingredients for hair growth, you can ensure that your hair gets the best nourishment, so you can flaunt your tresses in its full glory.

And guess what, many of these can be found in our kitchen!

From coffee to aloe vera, you will be surprised how many common kitchen items have some amazing properties that you can use to create amazing natural recipes and maintain healthy hair. In this article, let us delve deeper into the magic of such home remedies for hair growth and thickness and how they can be beneficial for different hair types.

Natural ingredients for healthy hair

You can brew perfect home remedies for hair growth and thickness. But first, you have to understand the benefits that different natural ingredients for healthy hair have to offer and how you can use those to take care of your hair. Natural ingredients for hair fall are those that do not have any side effects. Taking note of that, we have listed a few such ingredients and how they are beneficial for your hair:


Why limit coffee to just a beverage when you can make an entire hair care routine out of it? With coffee-based natural hair care products from Mcaffeine, this is possible. There are oils, shampoos and conditioners with coffee as the primary ingredient. They can work wonders to strengthen the hair and also prevent flyaways and split-ends to give you mane that is endless and flawless.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants, helps strengthen the hair follicles, and renders the hair smoother and silkier. Using products like Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil helps to retain the goodness of the oil. Coffee oil alone or when blended with other beneficial oils like argan oil, can help to strengthen your hair and moisturize the scalp without making it greasy.

Follow up the oiling ritual with a gentle cleanse of Naked & Raw Coffee Shampoo. For additional softness and smoothness, condition the hair with the Naked & Raw Coffee hair conditioner from the same range.

Coffee is also useful to fight dandruff and can work great as a natural scalp scrub to remove dandruff flakes. Coffee scalp scrub exfoliates as well as stimulates the roots, making the hair stronger.

The caffeine in coffee oil also boosts the shine of your hair and makes it softer and smoother. By using our Coffee Hair Serum you can tame the frizzies without much hassle. Similarly, to give the scalp an extra dose of nourishment without making it too greasy, you can use a Coffee Scalp Tonic. By massaging the roots thoroughly with it, you can stimulate the scalp and increase hair growth and minimize hair fall.

Green tea

High antioxidants in green tea boosts hair growth while preventing any further damage to your hair. Green tea is beneficial for your hair and skin, whether you sip it as a beverage or you apply it topically.

To use green tea topically as a hair fall treatment, you can brew the tea using one teaspoon of the leaves or a teabag of green tea and massage the scalp with a warm brew. You can also steam your hair and oil it after doing this so that the brew penetrates deeper into the hair and scalp. Then cleanse the scalp with a mild and natural shampoo.

Argan oil

Argan oil is called liquid gold for its rarity as well as its commendable effectiveness as natural hair remedies for thicker hair. Argan oil penetrates much deeper than any other oil because of its smaller molecules and gets absorbed easily without making the scalp greasy. From strengthening the roots to adding shine and promoting hair growth- the benefits of argan oil are varied.

It can be used as regular hair oil or as a serum because it is so lightweight. Usually, argan oil is used alone or as a blend like the Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil. You can use it as a regular oil or oil treatment by steaming your hair. In short, argan oil is a versatile natural ingredient that provides a variety of benefits for the hair.

Coconut oil

This is the most popular and effective food for your hair. It is easily available, and its emollient texture ensures that your hair gets the maximum moisturization possible. Coconut oil is the best for your hair when it is cold-pressed and pure. You can slightly warm this oil without altering its natural benefits and apply it to your scalp.

The only drawback one can point out is that the oil solidifies even in the average cold. This may not be a problem unless you are using a narrow-necked bottle to store the oil.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is one age-old natural ingredient for your hair. It tames the frizz and aids in hair growth, at the same time strengthening the roots. You can find numerous hair products with aloe vera gel. However, you can make an aloe vera rinse at home easily too- all you need are a couple of aloe vera leaves.

Peel the leaves to extract the gel-like pulp. Store it in a bottle. Apply this gel all over the scalp and let it sit for 45 minutes. Those who have a sensitive scalp can dilute the gel with water. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.


Rosemary is a great natural ingredient in hair care products. It helps reduce dandruff, boosts hair growth and even prevents hair fall. The herb is also known for preventing premature hair greying and adding shine to your hair when used topically or included in your diet. A scalp scrub like the Coffee scalp scrub contains rosemary specifically to remove dandruff effectively.

Rosemary essential oil too is a very good product for boosting your hair growth. Add a few drops of it to any carrier oil and use this daily to get the desired results.

Go au naturale with hair care

Most of the hair products we get today boast of using natural ingredients as the benefits of these ingredients are well known. But when you make your hair care products with the ingredients, you can be sure of what is going into them.

However, it can be a hassle so finding a reliable brand with assured quality of the natural ingredients is the next best thing. The above-mentioned are some of the best natural hair care ingredients and reliable products that can work for all hair types.

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