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Mother's Day Special: Gift Kits to Pamper Her

There are different types of moms - the sacrificing one, the loving one, the perpetually angry one, the timid one, and the extremely stressful one or a mix of all of the above (They are usually dangerous ones for having so many traits in one).  

At the end of it all a mother’s love is unconditional and there is nothing that can match up to the love that she showers us with. They may yell, they may love and they may quietly do things for you, so a mere gift doesn’t justify the things she does for us!

But a gift from you will definitely convey the love and appreciation you have for your mom. Our caffeinated products are not just products, they come with emotions attached that says she is a strong and grounded person always and you can’t function in the day without a drop of her love!

Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that will totally touch your mom’s heart:

 1. Coffee Face De-Stress with Coffee Gift Kit

A perfect gift for the mom who stresses about “When will you get married?” and so on! This three-step Coffee Face De-Stress Gift Kit is perfect for her to take a mini vacation in her room with our caffeinated goods and a jade roller that will totally get her hooked. You can thank us later once the wedding pressure is off the table.

2. Self-Care with Coffee Gift Kit

Your mom has sacrificed a lot for you and the family, it’s about time she got the chance to pamper herself and relax, and you can find ways to pamper your mom with our caffeine-packed Self-Care with Coffee Gift Kit. The aroma itself will put her into a relaxation mode and she can sit back and enjoy a date with mCaffeine!

3. Coffee Overnight De-Stress with Coffee Gift Kit

The only time moms ever stop working is at night, but our Coffee Overnight De-Stress with Coffee Gift Kit is when it begins doing the job of recharging tired skin from all the stress and work she does in the day. Along with hydrating and recharging the skin this aromatic coffee infused product also helps in relaxing the nerves! Wake up to a super-charged mom. 

 4. Coffee Addiction Lip Gift Kit

Some mom’s usually open their mouths to compare their kids to Sharma Ji’s overachieving child (he’s just shady), but at least let her do that while loving her soft and supple lips with our Coffee Addiction Lip Gift Kit that helps moisturize, polish and smoothens the lips. At the end of the comparing session, all you will receive is a gorgeous sarcastic smile from her. Isn’t that just beautiful?

 5. mCaffeine Gift Card

Aaaand, THIS Gift Card is the perfect gift for those choosy moms who might end up not liking what you pick for her and usually love shopping for themselves. Remember, Rachel from friends? Yeah, save yourself the embarrassment and gift her the mCaffeine E-Card that will make her the happiest mom!

Already picturing a smile on your mom’s face? Then, what are you waiting for? Get your mom #AddictedToGood with our caffeinated Mother Day Gifts that are indulgent, 100% Natural and free of SLS & Paraben! She will get hooked on the goodness of these products in no time!

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