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Make Your Winter Hair-Care, A Caffeinated Affair!

Dandruff, Itchy Scalp, Buildup… seems like the only way we have seen these problems resolved permanently in television commercials, right? The onset of the cold, every year seems to unleash all problems of hair damage. Yes! Not one or two, but ALL kinds of! And no matter how  hard you may have tried, permanent, long-lasting and doable solutions seem far-fetched! But don’t fret, it's time to revamp your winter hair-care routine with a touch of Caffeine! that you can try to get conditioned, nourished, and healthy winter hair.

Here are the top 5 tips:

1. Don’t Toil About Using Hair Oil!

Winter sucks out the moisture from your skin, hair, and obviously, the scalp and then hair oil comes into picture as a saviour. Hence, it becomes crucial to replenish the loss of oil and nutrients that essentially keep your scalp healthy and nourished. Regular hair oiling goes a long way- it not only improves hair quality but adds shine, improves natural blood flow, and keeps dandruff in check.

2. Wash Your Hair, the Right Way…

A lot of debate and discussion is around the topic of finding the right way to wash your hair in the winter… Firstly, your hair needs the natural oils that are secreted by your scalp for nourishment and growth. That being said, regular shampooing can often strip the scalp of these nutrients and give you unwanted dry and flaky skin (that nobody likes). Keep the hair washed (with lukewarm water) at a minimum of 2-3 times a week and prioritize using a chemical or paraben-free Shampoo!

3. Conditioner on-the-go

Frizziness, hair damage, and breakage? If you gotta change the hair condition- you need to condition! Take out some time after your showering routine and apply a good conditioner that will nourish your hair and protect its outer layer from damage and split-ends. A good hair conditioner can not only make your hair look shiny and bouncy but keep your hair healthy and smooth all day long! 

4. Post-shower Hacks

You have felt it… the cold can make your hair look lifeless, frizzy, and dehydrated! While most leave-in hair products can make your scalp prone to itchiness and rash, mCaffeine’s hair serum, scalp tonic, or leave-in hair cream can be very effective in providing intense moisturization, reducing dryness & strengthening hair strands. Try them and you won’t regret it!

5. Style but Be Careful

Your hair is more fragile than you think and you gotta take better care of it, especially in the winters! Avoid washing them with excessively hot water, do not rub them harshly with a towel, and avoid artificial heat (as much as you can). While it can be very tempting to use a dryer to quickly get rid of wet hair, excessive heat can lead to hair damage, split ends, and breakage! Also, you can control dandruff if possible try and go easy on the dandruff control products that can reduce your hair of natural moisture and be an underlying cause of excessive dandruff. 

Winter is often the time when your skin goes for a complete toss & to make it worse, hair problems can add to the list! While being careful about how you treat your hair is essential, nothing can replace a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper intake of fluids and water. That’s right! That counts, too. Regular home remedies and simple changes in your hair-care regimen can surely make this tussle manageable and prevent excessive dandruff, breakage, and hairfall. At mCaffeine, we look forward to giving you all your go-to hair solutions so that you can enjoy the winters and truly- let your hair down!

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