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How to Pick the Right Face Wash For Your Skin Type

During the day our skin is exposed to heat, dust, pollution, dirt and other impurities. When these external aggressors come in contact with the sebum produced by your skin, it leads to clogged pores, breakouts and other skin problems. Therefore, cleansing is the first and the most important step towards fresh and glowing skin. Washing your face twice a day will help get rid of impurities and keep your skin healthy.

 However, to achieve that, you need to first pick a face wash for your skin type. Don’t know where to begin? Fret not, we’ve picked the best face wash for every skin type. But first, let’s take a look at all the benefits of using a face wash twice daily.

1. Helps Remove Build-Up 

 As mentioned before, our skin collects impurities from the environment throughout the day. Washing your face helps remove these impurities and prevents them from getting trapped into the pores. Simply washing your face twice a day, once when you wake up and then before going to bed, will prevent a lot of skin problems. Did you know your pillow covers collect the dirt from your hair and transfer them onto your skin while you sleep? Therefore, it's critical to clean your face after waking up and changing your pillow covers frequently.

 2. Better Product Absorption

No matter which skincare routine you follow, the first step is always cleansing with a suitable face wash. Do you know why? Once the dirt and impurities are removed from your face, it becomes easier for the skin to absorb the products. This means the ingredients in your serum, moisturizer and other skincare products seep deeper into the layers of the skin, work effectively and leave you with healthy and smooth skin. 

3. Keeps the Skin Clear 

Our skin has sebaceous glands that produce sebum. But how does sebum find its way out? There are hair follicles within the skin that make way for the oil to surface on the skin. This process usually forms a barrier to protect the skin from bacteria that are likely to penetrate the skin. If you don't wash your face, all the dirt and grime gets accumulated on your skin, blocking hair follicles, sebum, dirt, dead skin cells, and sweat. Since the skin is deprived of sebum on the outside, bacteria and all sorts of dirt penetrate the skin, causing breakouts. 

How do we fix this? Cleanse your face on a regular basis to keep dirt and grime away and regulate the production of sebum without any interruption. Cleansing your face daily will lead to happy, acne-free skin! 

What happens if you stop cleansing your face? 

 Although we recommend washing your face twice a day without fail, here's what happens if you stop. When dirt and grime on the skin is not removed, it clogs the pores, which then results in serious acne. It can further cause redness, irritation, inflammation, and dryness due to lack of hydration.

You can also develop severe itchiness, which when scratched can be an open door for infections and other unwanted skin problems. So what’s the most effective way to avoid this problem? Simple, cleanse your face twice a day! 

How to choose the right cleanser? 

 To pick the right face wash you must know your skin concern and type. And how do you figure that out? Let us help you! 

  • Looking for a face wash that will deeply cleanse the skin without making it dry? You probably have normal or combination skin. The Coffee Face Wash is a suitable choice for all skin types, including sensitive and combination skin types. This makes it one of the top face washes in India. Infused with the goodness of Coffee, Caffeine and Vitamin E, it will leave you with fresh & glowing skin. This face wash helps deeply cleanse, remove oil & dirt, hydrate and refresh the skin. It soothes, tones and plumps the skin with hydration giving it a fresh glow. Give your skin a wake up shot every morning! 
  • Those pesky acne won’t budge? Oily skin is tough to deal with. Don’t worry we’ve got the solution! The Coffee Foaming Face Wash is specially formulated to keep oily skin problems at bay. It helps kill 99% of acne-causing germs. Coffee & caffeine soothe and tone the skin, whereas Vitamin E helps control acne. Cinnamon soothes & heals acne and also controls excessive sebum and oil. Infused with skin friendly ingredients it is one of the best natural face washes in India.
  • Does your skin feel dry post cleansing? This means you have dry skin type and your current face wash is removing all the moisture from your skin. Say goodbye to dry skin woes with the Coffee & Milk Face Wash. This face wash deeply cleanses the skin as well as retains moisture for up to 24 hours. Infused with the goodness of Coffee & Caffeine, it soothes and tones the skin to reveal fresh and glowing skin. Almond Milk and Shea Butter in this face wash moisturizes the skin making it soft and supple. 

Now that you know the importance of using a cleanser and the best face wash for every skin type, go ahead and order one to get fresh and glowing skin every day! These face washes are natural, 100% vegan and toxic ingredients free! Go ahead and get #AddictedToGood

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