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How to Guard Your Scalp From Dandruff Causing Microbes

How many times have you tried dandruff treatments at home? Countless times, we are sure. Dandruff is a common concern and affects almost half of the adult population in the world. And most of them fall prey to dandruff home remedies that will resolve the problem quickly. But did you know, some of these quick-fix remedies are a reason for aggravating dandruff? Quite the head-scratcher, isn’t it?

Summer time is the worst for conditions like these. The heat, humidity and sweat end up causing more harm, resulting in the most annoying problems. Flakes, itching, extremely dry or extremely oily scalp are just the tips of the ice-berg. Most of us end up focusing on the flaky residues, but it is important to get to the root of the issue, quite literally. And let go of dandruff home remedies, that might just be causing more harm than good!

As the seasons keep changing, so does our body’s chemistry. It is of extreme importance to keep our scalp healthy, hydrated and clean in order to get rid of the microbes that cause such conditions. How, you ask? Allow us to guide you. But first let’s learn a bit more about dandruff.

Let’s Talk Symptoms:

If there is an imbalance in the ecosystem of your scalp, these are the some of the most common symptoms that you would be experiencing: 

 - Shedding/appearance of white flakes
 - Itchy, dry or super oily scalp
 - Red patches 

Let’s Talk Causes:

Causes can vary from using the wrong products to experimenting with treatments at home and bacterial and fungal infections! Some of the most common causes are: 

 - Oily scalp
 - Allergies 
 - Sensitivity to hair care products or dandruff home remedies (gone wrong)
 - Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis. 
 - Poor maintenance of hair hygiene. 

Lastly, Let’s Talk Treatment!

Exfoliation.Exfoliation.Exfoliation. Just like skin, our scalp too needs to be exfoliated at least once a week. 
Especially during the summer season. Heat, humidity and sweat can act as additional agents, accelerating the presence of dandruff causing microbes. Lastly, you know it is time to bid adieu to at home dandruff treatments when the condition just keeps coming back! 

What to do instead? Give your scalp a shot of caffeine! Our Coffee Scalp Scrub is a heady concoction of perfectly sized Coffee particles, rosemary and of course the intoxicating coffee aroma. The clinically tested formula helps in reducing 99% of dandruff-causing microbes. The main function of this highly effective scalp scrub is the fact that it deep cleanses. Deep cleansing, especially when you possess an oily scalp is as necessary to your hair and scalp as breathing. It also leaves your hair with a whiff of that refreshing, feel-good caffeine kick! And using just a shampoo and conditioner is not enough, especially if the conditions keep coming back. 
Move over dandruff home remedies, the Coffee Scalp Scrub gets rid of buildup from your scalp, with aplomb. The Pure Arabica Coffee stimulates the hair roots, thus improving blood circulation. Plus, it razes off dandruff in a single wash! The presence of Rosemary helps in reducing inflammation. Research also suggests that Rosemary helps thicken hair considerably with every use, thus promoting hair growth and maintaining scalp health. 

If you are considering changing up your hair care routines, then summer is the best time to introduce this wonder product into your regimens. Give dandruff a tough fight, finally!

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