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How to Flaunt a Fresh Look All Summer?

Remember how we always loved summer and waited for it to arrive? Yeah, neither do we. The hot and humid weather makes it the worst time of the year. After all, it brings along the most annoying uninvited guests: sweat, sticky skin, excessive oil and acne. We can see you nod your head in agreement. 
Now, there’s no way to skip summer altogether (we truly wish there was), you can protect your skin by showering it with some extra love and care during this season. Don’t worry, we are not here to add more steps to your skincare routine. In fact, we are here to simplify it and introduce you to some summer-appropriate products that are gentle and made with natural ingredients. Caffeinators and procrastinators rejoice!
Here are 5 freshness-packed products you should add to your natural skin care routine this summer. 

1. Green Tea Face Wash

You may be tempted to wash your face several times a day during summer but avoid doing that. Over cleansing can cause dryness and indicate your sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum. So, unless you’ve just had an intense workout or are really sweaty, stick to using a face wash twice daily. Our Green Tea Face Wash is infused with the goodness of Green Tea, Vitamin C & Caffeine. It will calm and soothe your skin, protect skin from sun damage and hydrate it. Wash away the dirt and get summer-ready skin in no time! 

2. Green Tea Face Scrub 

If your friend tells you that face scrubs are bad and you should never use them, change your friend or stop believing what everyone says! During the summer especially, it is essential to use a face scrub to exfoliate the impurities that get collected in the pores along with sweat and pollution. If not taken care of, it can lead to acne and breakouts. Say good-bye to summer skin woes with our Green Tea Face Scrub. Packed with Green Tea, Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid, it gently removes impurities and reveals a fresh look! Add it to your summer skincare routine and use twice a week for healthy, problem-free skin.  

3. Green Tea Face Serum

Just like your body, your skin too gets dehydrated during summer. Allow our Green Tea Face Serum to quench your skin’s thirst. Hyaluronic Acid & Green Tea in this serum keep skin moisturized for up to 72 hours! Apart from providing intense hydration, it also protects the skin from sun damage. To top it all off the aromatic smell of caffeine will leave your senses de-stressed and your skin refreshed! 

4. Latte Coffee Face Moisturizer

Greasy products and summers are not made for each other for obvious reasons. But that doesn’t mean your skin can survive this season without a moisturizer. The Latte Coffee Face Moisturizer is a god-sent product that will do wonders for your skin. From providing hydration for up to 48 hours to being non-sticky and smelling amazing, this one will be your holy grail in summers. Flaunting healthy and refreshed skin was never this easy! 

5. Coffee Face Serum

Protect your skin from sun damage with our Coffee Face Serum. Antioxidant-rich Coffee prevents fine lines and Pure Arabica Coffee deeply cleanses to remove excess oil and impurities. That’s not all, this serum also provides 72 hours of moisturization! And adding it to your summer skincare routine is super easy - apply the Coffee Face Serum before applying sunscreen, for that extra layer of protection. Even if you’re sleep-deprived, it will give your skin a coffee shot and make it look fresh as ever AND your boss won’t even notice!

Go ahead, plan that perfect beach holiday without worrying about your skin! Our natural products for skin have got you covered! Infused with Coffee, Green Tea and other skin-loving ingredients, these summer essentials are indulgent, 100% Natural and free of SLS & Paraben! Brewed to get you #AddictedToGood.

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