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Foot scrubs for exfoliating your feet

And we can do it, one skincare regimen at a time. Your feet deserve all the love and attention, just like the rest of your body. 

So here we are, with a handy guide for you to understand how to take care of your feet, with one simple step, exfoliation. 

Importance of pampering your feet with foot scrubs

Here are some of the most common foot problems — painful sores, fungal infections, ingrown toenails, and blisters. Foot scrubs can help prevent these problems. A good foot scrub will help you remove dead skin cells and restore moisture to your feet. You’ll see a noticeable difference when you pick and use the right products for your feet. 

Caffeine promotes blood circulation and heals the skin, making it a star ingredient. You start your day with a healthy cup of coffee, it’s a vital part of your morning routine, why not include it in your care routine as well? It’s as important to wake up your skin as it is to kickstart your system. 

Start your day on the right foot with mCaffeine’s coffee-infused foot scrub, with a hint of peppermint to tackle the most stubborn tan. It’s time to exfoliate the impurities and expel them from your skin with the rejuvenating formulation that is created to specially deal with the thicker feet skin. 

Free your feet of the sneaking stockings and socks. Make them soft, smooth and totally gorgeous with this guide to exfoliating your feet.

How to use foot scrubs the right way?

One of the mCaffeine products, one of the favourites is our coffee peppermint scrub that helps keep the feet soft and smooth. With no harsh chemicals, it is a safe choice for those with sensitive skin as it brushes and scrubs off impurities, from toe to heels. With regular use, this will leave your feet softer, smoother and more polished than ever. 

Why is it important to exfoliate the right way? When you have dry feet that are also prone to buildup of dead skin, it can lead to corns and calluses. Regular exfoliation with MCaffeine foot scrub can prevent foot problems, so you can have a gait as confident as your persona. This foot scrub will surely bring out a glow, while effectively removing dead skin cells, leaving your skin clean and hydrated with its natural ingredients. 

Here is a step-by-step foot scrubbing routine that you can follow, with the mCaffeine foot scrub infused with coffee and peppermint.


Step-1: First, start with washing the dirt off your feet. 

Step-2: Then, grab a pumice stone and rub your heels toward the rest of your foot. Focus on the problem areas and apply light to heavy pressure on the problematic areas. 

Step-3: Take a good amount of the mCaffeine Coffee Foot Scrub with Peppermint and apply it all over your feet and ankles. Massage in gentle motions, focusing on areas such as the heels where the toxins tend to accumulate. 

Step-4: ​​Start at your feet and work your way up. Scrubbing your feet will make your overall softness last longer because it keeps the moisture from fading. The friction produced by the scrubbing action not only helps to remove dead skin cells and dirt but also helps to nourish the skin and keep it hydrated.

Step-5: It works just like you think it does. Remove the grains etc., with nothing but water. Then pat your skin dry.. 

Ready To Show Some Love To Your Feet?

Our scrub is made with organic coffee. Mixed with coconut oil for skin hydration and prepared with a base of natural elements like tea and oatmeal, it’s the ultimate detoxifying experience. 

We combine our love for coffee with a passion for skincare to provide easy, inexpensive, and effective skincare solutions. Our coffee scrub smells great and feels even greater!

We’ve combined organic coffee with other natural ingredients to bring you a product that tackles cellulite in both stubborn areas and smaller problem areas. Head on to our website to fall in love with our other range of products! Shop now


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