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A body care routine for healthy skin

We all know that in no way you can say ‘abracadabra’ and get youthful skin. You need a proper skincare routine in place. While most of us still go for a facial regime, body care gets neglected quite often.   Be it the lack of time or awareness about what is the best approach, we rarely pay much attention to the entire body. Following a proper body care routine amps up your skin’s texture, giving you natural glow that makes you appear younger than you are! .

The best part is, body care is  quite simpler than you think. . If you make it a habit, it will become an effortless part of your daily skincare regime. Without further ado, let us quickly know why it is important to have a body care routine.

Why is it important to have a body care routine?

A thorough body care routine is more than regular soaping and showering. It imparts a beautiful glow. In the long run, your skin will be rejuvenated and less prone to infections, diseases, and aging.

A daily massage of body oil or body butter or an occasional exfoliation routine for the entire body keeps your skin healthy. The natural glow, as a result, promotes your mental health as you feel pampered, happy and more confident about your body.

Now, let’s delve into the different techniques and products required to nourish the overall health of your body's skin.

Simple yet effective body skincare routine

Less is more- you have all heard of this saying and it holds even for your skincare. Keeping it simple yet effective should be the goal. This way, the effort and time required are minimized and you can stay dedicated to following it every day. Here’s what the simplest body care routine will involve:


Step 1: Begin with a body wash

The texture of the skin changes with age and it is normal. But irrespective of the texture, investing in a good body wash is the basic step towards your body skincare routine.

If you have dry skin, a body wash like Cappuccino Coffee Body Wash is perfect for you. It is moisturizing as well as mild exfoliating for the skin.

To manage flaking and dull skin texture specifically, invest in a body wash that can exfoliate and polish the skin while imparting hydration. This way excess flaking and dryness will be prevented in the long run. The Espresso Coffee Body Wash is the perfect option for such skin concerns.

For normal to oily skin types choosing a milder body wash is the key. Such skin types can attract dirt and grime easily and hence a deep cleansing body wash like the Coffee Body Wash is suitable. It imparts a natural suppleness and glows to your skin.


Step 2: Exfoliate the dead skin with a body scrub

Occasional exfoliation is particularly important for elbows, knees and feet to retain the softness of the skin in these areas. Overall body exfoliation from time to time also helps to get rid of dead skin cells thoroughly. So, include a body scrubbing regime on alternate days of the week to rejuvenate the skin and get rid of all dirt and grime thoroughly, bringing out the natural glow.

Try using India’s favorite and a natural body scrub like the Coffee Body Scrub which has Arabica Coffee granules and Coconut oil as its primary ingredients. The skin becomes visibly softer, moisturized and radiant after using it. You have got to try this!


Step 3: Indulge in a body moisturizer

Even if your favourite scrubs and body wash is moisturizing, the skin will need some extra dose of moisture after such a cleansing regime. This is where the Choco Body Butter comes in, which is intensely moisturizing.

If you are looking for something lighter, try out the Choco Body Lotion instead. Make it a part of your bedtime routine to give your entire body a thorough massage with the lotion or butter to retain the suppleness of your skin throughout the following day.


Step 4: Protect your skin with a sunscreen

The body care routine remains incomplete without good sunscreen. We all invest in sunscreens for the face but neglect the entire body. In reality, your body requires sun protection as much as your face. Make it a habit to apply sunscreens thirty minutes before you step out and use accessories like sunglasses and umbrellas for added protection.


Additional step: Incorporate a foot scrub

The skin of your foot gets tougher from daily strain over the years. To restore its softness, intensive foot care products are important. A good foot scrub like our Coffee Foot Scrub can make a significant difference. Scrub your foot twice a week followed by a rich lotion or oil before bedtime to prevent the hardening of the skin.

Your body is beautiful, but a thorough cleansing and care routine ensures it is protected and remains supple, youthful and healthy for a longer time. The coffee-infused products we shared here are some of the bests for any skin type and also help to keep your body care routine compact. So, let’s not wait and get started with the routine right away!

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