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9 Best Ways to Care for Skin & Hair During Summers

Yes, it is that time of the year. That time when your favorite skin care tips and tricks have to take a backseat and pave the way for a skin care routine that protects. Nay, defends. Are we right or are we right? 

As your skin care routine is undergoing a change, amping up your hair care routine is also essential! As the temperatures soar, seasoned skin-enthusiasts swear by these small changes to mitigate the harmful effects of the scorching sun. Right from using SPF daily to experimenting with heatless hairdos - we’ve covered them all. 

Scroll down and tell us which ones you would be most definitely including in your skin and hair care routines: 

1. One word: SPF! 

Trust SPF to be your knight in shining armor when it comes to a summer friendly skin care routine. Lathering it on every exposed part of your body is a MUST.

Pro tip:  Take your regimen to the next level by inculcating a hyaluronic acid based serum right before you moisturize and slap on some sunscreen. 

2. Including Vitamin C in your nightly routine 

Easily one of the best skin care tips you will ever receive. Using a Vitamin C laden cream like the Green Tea Night Gel will do wonders for your skin. Not only does this gel has a soothing aroma, but the Vitamin C present in it actively fights pigmentation, dark spots and keeps your skin hydrated for upto 72 hours.

3. Tuck away those heavy duty skin care products

Lighter the skin care routine, the better. Give your skin some breathing space and switch to a hydration friendly routine. For example: Move away from creamy cleansers to a foam based one! 

4. Make time for exfoliation. Period. 

Especially if oily skin is your biggest concern! A solid exfoliator like Coffee Body Scrub, packed with powerful natural ingredients like Coffee, Caffeine & Coconut Oil will help get rid of dead skin and also be effective on stubborn tans, leaving your skin soft & smooth. Keep in mind to increase the frequency between your exfoliation days for maximum impact & great results. 

5. Time for a trim 

‘Hair is everything’ Isn’t it? Always, a healthy scalp equals healthy skin. Before you jump into an all new skin and hair care routine, it is crucial to chop, chop. Breathe life into your hair care routine by getting rid of all the split ends, flyaways. This way you get a hair makeover AND protect them from damage at the same time!

6. Your hair needs a mask, too. 

One of the best hair care tips - using a nourishing hair mask. The heat tends to make hair dry, brittle despite conditioning it the right way. Apply it once a week and bid adieu to those much anticipated summer hair woes. 

7. Wrap it like its’ hot! 

Take a leaf out of your mom’s book of hair care tips and cover your head with a scarf or cap. Nothing beats a utilitarian approach when it comes to hair care during sweltering sunny days. Wrapping your head will protect you from direct sun exposure and lessen the frizzy appearance. 

8. Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

An effective hair care routine is incomplete without some cool-as-a-cucumber, nourishing shampoo and conditioner. The biggest hair care tip here would be to finish off your routine with a bite sized drop of a super hydrating serum that fights frizz and humidity, thus leaving your hair looking lustrous. 

9. Go heatless! 

Did we just remind you of a long-lost new year resolution? A hair care routine will only work, if you do. Using the right hair care products will only be fruitful if done right. Shy away from using heat-tech to style your hair for obvious reasons: ‘It is the humidity!’ Heatless styles will keep the hair texture intact, frizz in check. 

How many ways are you planning to integrate in your routines? Stop waiting and start doing. It is all about getting #AddictedToGood and seeing the best of the best results you always wanted!

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