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7 Tips to take care of curly hair

Curly hair can look amazing when they are lustrous and bouncy but they are truly high  maintenance. Every hair texture has its beauty but while some feel effortless, others are tricky to manage. People with curly hair will agree with us that the primary issues with their hair are dryness and frizz. This results in tangles, breakage and an overall unkempt look. Fortunately, a dedicated hair care routine for curly hair can minimize these problems to a large extent.

Once you crack the code to  the right hair care routine, you can maintain the natural texture of your hair effortlessly. Here we have shared some tried and tested methods for curly hair care routines.

Care for your curls in 7 easy steps

The key to healthy curls is ensuring ample hydration and moisture of the hair strands. Curls tend to lose moisture easily and get frizzy. Here are some ways in which your curls can stay healthy and well-nourished.

#1 Wash it the right way

It is essential to retain the moisture of your strands to prevent frizzing. Since curly hair tends to lose moisture easily, a mild, sulphate-free shampoo like our Coffee Shampoo must be used for cleansing. Use it twice a week, so that the scalp is not stripped of its natural oil.

Another crucial step is the way of washing the hair. Massage the shampoo well throughout the scalp but do not rub it into the tips. Usually, frizzy hair is drier at the tips, hence rubbing too much can lead to more breakage.

#2 Never skip on conditioner

Curly hair and conditioning must go hand-in-hand to keep your hair sufficiently moisturised. Skipping the conditioner is not an option for anyone with curls. Leave a rich and creamy conditioner like our Coffee Hair Conditioner for a few minutes so that it penetrates deep into the hair strands. This conditioner is ideally suitable for curly hair since it contains Vitamin B5 as well as argan oil, both wonderful to provide moisture. Also, while washing it off, detangle the knots and curls under the running water and remember to wash with mildly warm water.

#3 Be gentle with your hair

Frizzes can be prevented when you avoid touching your hair too much. Also, excessive rubbing and tugging of the tangles must be avoided. To do this you can use the mCaffeine microfiber hair scalp to dry the hair instead of using a regular rough towel. Microfibre is gentle enough and prevents ruffling of the hair cuticles.

With a wooden comb, you can detangle the hair and also massage the scalp. Better blood circulation also makes the roots stronger.

#4 Deep conditioners are curly girl’s best friend

Occasional deep conditioner is the food for curly hair. Use a hair mask once or twice after shampooing to add extra moisture to your hair. The Coffee hair mask with Pro-Vitamin B5 is a rich cream that goes deep into the hair shafts and the scalp. It not only prevents hair fall and smooths the hair enough to reduce breakage, but also helps to keep the hair frizz-free.

#5 Minimize heat tools usage

Heat dries out the scalp, hair cuticles as well as strands. So embracing your natural curls is the best way to keep them lustrous and healthy. Stay away from the blow dryer, straighteners and curlers as much as possible so that you do not instigate the dryness further.

On the other hand, letting your curly hair air dry will help to retain the texture of the curls better. Your curls will form clumps and when you let it air dry, these clumps do not break hence, the frizzing is minimized.

#6 Preserve your curls

The more you expose your curly hair to different chemical treatments, the more the natural curls tend to break. But does that mean you can never experiment with new colours and styles? Not necessarily! You just need the right products to give the extra nourishment.

Use our Coffee Scalp Tonic every day to make the roots stronger and moisturize your hair better. Moreover, the amazing aroma of coffee is a bonus.

#7 Don’t forget to hydrate your hair

Last but not the least, curly hair requires an extra boost of hydration compared to other hair types. Our Coffee Hair Serum with Walnut Oil and Argan Oil is ideal for curly hair as it is non-sticky yet hydrating enough even for frizzy curls. Moreover, the serum is a good way to occasionally hydrate the hair throughout the day as curly hair tends to get dry quickly when exposed to the pollution outdoors.

Achieve voluminous curls with mCaffeine hair care range

No two curly heads look similar which makes the curls even more precious. The variety in texture makes it even more beautiful. With the tips shared above and indulging in mCaffeine’s coffee-based hair care products, you can now sleep in peace knowing every strand of your curls looks and feels healthy!

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