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7 Super Easy Hacks for Glowing Skin

Tired of having to use a million filters to conceal your acne for Instagram photos? We all understand how upsetting a pimple or a blemish on a wrong day or at the wrong place can be. Everyone wants glowing skin naturally but it can often be an uphill battle. Great skincare is never just about products, it’s equally important to pay attention to your lifestyle and eating habits.

To maintain a natural healthy glow it’s important to establish a skincare routine and try not to stray. Getting that dewy, lit-from-within skin may be tough, but it’s definitely not impossible. We’ve got a bunch of tricks up our sleeve for healthy skin that’s always in. Try to incorporate as many of these glowing skin secrets in your daily routine and watch your skin transform.

#Deep Cleansing
The first step to achieving radiant skin to start fresh, literally. Cleansing your face by mindfully washing away dirt, oil, and pollution that clogs the pores and causes dullness is where we start. Washing your face morning and night by using a mild face cleanser makes sure that your face is not a breeding ground for any infections or bacteria. Our green tea face wash is loaded with ingredients like vitamin C, green tea extract, and hyaluronic acid which keep the skin radiant, clean, and hydrated.

Intense moisture serums and lotions are non-negotiable when it comes to skincare, but here’s a pro-tip to help that hydration penetrate deeper. Don’t make the mistake that people often do and skip the T from CTM. It’s important to use a toner to make sure that the pores are clean and ready to absorb the moisturizer that’ll follow. You can try using rose water - which is known for its natural toning properties.

When it comes to glowing skin, a good moisturizer is a no-brainer. You can elevate your moisture routine by choosing products enriched with hyaluronic acid for increasing the moisture in your skin. You can also go in for a night cream, which helps in delivering express hydration overnight. We recommend trying out our Detox Green Tea Night Gel - Rich in antioxidants which help reduce fine lines, and vitamin C to reduce dark spots & pigmentation.

Top tip - never forget to apply sunscreen over your moisturizer before stepping out in the sun. Sunscreen guards us against the sun’s UV rays, which prevents skin aging and dullness

Exfoliation is a sure shot way to brighten up the skin and increase its glow. It helps in removing the skin’s outer layer of dead cells, leaving the skin’s surface smoother and clearer. We suggest using a scrub to exfoliate at least twice a week. Our Coffee Face Scrub is an all-time favourite that gently exfoliates to reveal fresher and younger-looking skin.

#Your face mirrors your plate
What we eat has a direct effect on how healthy our skin looks. If we don’t pay attention to our diet, the products we use can only take us so far when it comes to naturally glowing skin. Try incorporating antioxidant-rich foods like berries and nuts into your diet. Turmeric is another easy-to-add ingredient loaded with antioxidants and known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

You’ve heard it before and we’re saying it again - stay hydrated! Don’t forget to drink at least 3 liters of water throughout the day - it’ll help your body flush out toxins and keep your skin looking youthful and refreshed!

#Face massage
Coming to this super easy tip, face massages are an easy way to reduce wrinkles, tone your face, and feel rejuvenated! All you need to do is apply a face serum that suits your skin and using your index and middle finger massage gently starting from your temples, all the way to the chin and jawline. You can try our Naked & Raw Coffee Face Serum which’s packed with the goodness of caffeine and helps reduce puffiness. Add it to your skincare routine for quick hydration and daily skin protection.

#Face masks
Face masks can be a great way to replenish your face’s lost hydration and glow. Depending on your skin type, it’s important to choose a mask that sits well on your skin. Our range of face masks has one for every skin type, but our personal favourite is the Naked and Rich Choco Face Mask - it uses ingredients like seaweed and aloe vera to refresh any dullness and keeps the skin super nourished!

If you want to go in for a DIY facemask to get that glowing skin at home - we recommend using the evergreen fullers earth aka Multani mitti. It’s gentle on your skin and at the same time helps in toning and fighting acne.

A regular skincare routine that involves these steps is a guaranteed way to achieve radiant skin, but remember to not be too hard on yourself. Your skin health responds to a host of external factors including the environment, stress, and medical conditions - most of which you can’t always control. Try to build a healthy lifestyle and squeeze in a bit of daily exercise - it’ll help you get that post-workout glow too!

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