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5 Ways to Make Rakhi 2022 Celebration Special

Incessant banter, clever comebacks and never-ending squabbles over the most trivial things, siblings - you can’t live with them nor without them! After all, they save the last of chocolate, keep your secrets and are always available to rant about the least favourite relative (read: FUFAJI :P). Nothing matches the quirky, unique and beautiful relationship between a sister and a brother, and you know what’s so great about it? Is that we celebrate it!

Raksha-Bandhan celebration is a way of giving a shout out to this admirable bond with a promise to protect each other, with of course GIFTS. Talking about Rakhi gifts, siblings are usually hard to impress. Sounds about right? We get it, that’s why we’ve handpicked the best caffeinated gift kits that are sure to impress anyone! After all, who doesn’t love Coffee? The best part? All the products in these gift kits are gender-neutral. So, whether you have an annoying but caring brother or a sister that irritates you 24*7, these gifts are sure to leave them impressed! Scroll down to pick one that will bestow upon you “The Best Gift Giver” title. 

Coffee Mood - Gift Kit

Whether your sister is a skincare enthusiast or your brother doesn’t know the concept of skincare, this kit is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Brewed to get everyone #AddictedToGood, this kit will take care of all their skincare needs. It has the Coffee Face Wash, Coffee Face Scrub, Coffee Face Mask, Coffee Body Scrub and the Perk Up Towel - a complete package, just like your sibling! ;) 

Coffee De-stress - Gift Kit

Ah! The gift of ultimate relaxation! Tell us, is your sib the always hustling, someone who doesn’t have time for self-care type? Then this is the perfect gift for him/her. Packed with Coffee Body Polishing Oil, the award-winning Coffee Body Scrub and a Hand-crafted Premium Wooden Massager, the Coffee De-stress - Gift Kit is spa in a box!

Coffee Prep - Rakhi Gift Kit

Pamper your sibling with this Coffee-infused gift, perfect for someone who has little to no time for skincare, this kit will make up for all the work-from-home craziness your brother/sister goes through. The Coffee Prep - Gift Kit has Coffee Under Eye Cream and Coffee Face Serum that preps the skin for great skin days.

Strong Brew - Espresso Gift Kit

Pamper your brother/sister with a love as strong as your favorite Espresso. This kit is the ultimate wake-up shot for the skin. This Strong Brew - Espresso Gift Kit perfectly captures the energizing essence of Coffee, trust us when we say this - the good coffee buzz will last all day long! It has the Espresso Coffee Face Wash, Espresso Coffee Face Scrub, Espresso Coffee Face Mask, Espresso Coffee Bathing Bar. So, go ahead and espresso your love for your sib with this ultimate kit!

Coffee-Choco Cocktail Kit (Relax & De-stress)

Oh no no, this is not the type of cocktail you are imagining, this is the kind that relaxes and de-stresses the body (very much alike but with different ingredients). This kit is the perfect gift to alleviate stress and elevate to new realms of relaxation. It has the Coffee Body Scrub and Choco Body Lotion that will leave them hooked. The kit comes with a complimentary all-purpose pouch! You will thank us later for all the “best brother/sister” compliments you’ll receive after gifting this to your sibling.

Well, the list doesn’t end here, if you’re dealing with a sibling who is really picky about gifts and is used to exchanging it for something else AKA Rachel Greene. Then we also have mCaffeine E-Gift Card, so sit back and enjoy while your brother/sister gets spoiled for choice.

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