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Benefits of Caffeine for your hair and skin!

Going on a road trip? Caffeine is all you need. Changing weather is making you go crazy? Caffeine is all u need. Have a meeting in your office tomorrow? Caffeine is all you need. Feeling low today? Caffeine is all you need.

The generation today, needs a cup of coffee to get their shit done. It has become a fuel for all of us which drives our "Work hard, Party harder" lifestyle. Caffeine infused beauty products. Voila!
That’s what you needed! It may be your maddening boss or a boring dinner date, all you need is a little caffeine to cheer you up! Wash your face, take a shower, or smoothen up with body butter.

For that skin to be as young as your heart give it a daily caffeine dosage. Caffeine being an anti-aging powerhouse acts as an antioxidant and protects premature aging and wrinkle formation on skin. It draws excess fluids out of the cells creating a lightening and tonic effect, thereby improving the texture of the skin. It reduces redness and inflammation of skin by constricting blood vessels and thus provides an even skin tone. It even treats puffiness and dark circle under the eye by boosting blood circulation.

For those strands to get loose and spread it's charm, give it a little caffeine shower. Caffeine penetrates deep into the hair roots and stimulates them. Besides preventing male baldness and hair loss, it stimulates the hair roots in the scalps of women and triggers stronger hair growth. It is a stimulant for hair follicle and helps to restore hair growth. Besides strengthening the hair shaft, caffeine adds natural shine to your hair and make them more manageable. It also enhances hair color thereby making your hairs more black!

Thus the dose of caffeine through caffeinated products can be such a boon for your skin and hair.

So, if it's a Monday and you require energy to get through this day, you need no more morning trips to Starbucks, no more messing with coffee grounds and filters. Now you can save yourself a bundle on lattes and get yourself pumped by just lathering up in the comfort of your own bathroom by just using Mcaffeine products like:

Bouncy Techno Caffeine Shampoo | Fresh Pop Face Wash | Smooth Jazz Body Butter | Liquid Funk Shower Gel | Cool Jazz Hair Cream | Uplift Trance Face Cream

All these products will definitely leave you energized and pumped up. So what are you waiting for? Try our combo packs designed to suit your lifestyle, specifically. Try them out and they will become your holy grail. They are amazing and unisex so my dear boys why to be left behind? Go give them a look and break the shackles of tiredness and dullness hindering your progress! A must-have to beat post-work dullness.

So, wake up and smell caffeine. At Mcaffeine we strongly believe, the way body needs yoga, the soul needs caffeine! If you always wanted to have a kickass day, Mcaffeine comes to your rescue! Witness the magic of caffeine with Us.

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  • I’m a teacher and a beauty blogger. I have a you tube channel on beauty. My students as they are growing up face challenges of adolescence. I read about your product and m highly impressed. But I would like to try it myself first. If you could send me samples of your products. I would try and surely recommend it to all my students

  • I have a doubt that is shower gel using for only body? Or using for also hair growth? Pls tell me fast. I don’t open until you answered me.

    RVs Raju

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