Tan Protection Kit - Neem Caffeine Face Wash + Sea Fern Caffeine Sunscreen

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Rs. 789.00
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A perfect kit that helps your skin, fight this summer heat. 

This kit contains - 

  • 1 Neem Caffeine Face Wash (150 ml)
  • 1 Sea Fern Caffeine Sunscreen (150 ml)

We filled this combo with your perfect caffeine dose for a summery day.

Neem Caffeine Face Wash to make your skin gain the lost energy and get enriched with essential nutrients. Caffeine in the face wash tones your skin and Neem provides natural protection. Argan oil and Vitamin E give a healthy glow. 

Designed especially for the outdoors, SPF-30 formula provides sun protection. Special Sea Ferns extract provides natural sun protection. Calendula soothes your skin. Caffeine protects from harmful UV rays and tones the skin.

Get the pack to avoid pigmentation on your skin and get a healthy glow. 

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