Shea Caffeine Cold Cream with Vitamin E

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Rs. 599.00
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Rich shea butter, the right aid for you this winter. Protect your skin from dry and cold winds and give it the essentials to keep it healthy and glowing. Vitamin E is an important nutrient and is critical for healthy skin. Caffeine tones your skin. All in all, stay healthy, stay active, and glow like you are the sun. Did we mention the fragrance that will ring up a playful mood!

  • Rich Shea Butter for moisturization
  • Vitamin E for a healthy glow
  • Caffeine tones the skin
  • Paraben free. Not tested on animals

Directions for use: Take the cream on your fingertips and glide it gently on your face. Massage it gently in circles and let it be absorbed.

Quantity: 50 gm

*Launching on 14th October

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