Hop Seed SLS-Free Caffeine Shampoo with Hibiscus and Vitamin E

Rs. 479.00
Rs. 479.00
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A special SLS Free shampoo formula by MCaffeine. Designed for an active lifestyle, it prevents air loss occurring due to stress and air pollutants. Caffeine in the shampoo penetrates into the hair roots and follicles, and encourages hair growth. Vitamin-E gives a natural shine to the hair. Hop Seed and Hibiscus nourish your scalp and hair. A musky fragrance that wakes up your senses.
Make it your routine.
A paraben free formula that's not tested on animals.

Directions to use: Leave on scalp for two minutes- from application to rinse. Let Caffeine find the grip on hair follicles.

Quantity: 150 ml

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