Day and Night Face Care Caffeine Combo Kit (Sea Fern Caffeine Sunscreen, SPF 30+ + Shea Caffeine Cold Cream) - Paraben Free

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Rs. 899.00
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An awesome combo from MCaffeine that takes care of you day or night.

This kit contains: 

  • 1 Sea Fern Caffeine Sunscreen with Argan Oil, SPF-30+, PA++ with UVA and UVB protection (150 ml)
  • 1 Shea Caffeine Cold Cream with Vitamin E (50 gm)

Sea Fern Caffeine Sunscreen, a unique blend that offers protection as well as nourishment to your skin. Designed especially for the outdoors. this sun cream lotion with SPF-30+, PA++ with UVA and UVB protection acts as a sun blocker. Special Sea Ferns extract provides natural sun protection. Calendula being one of the most healing, anti-inflammatory, antiviral herbs on the planet, soothes your skin. Caffeine protects from harmful UV rays and prevents skin tanning. An airy fragrance.

Shea Caffeine Cold Cream has rich shea butter, the right face cream for you this winter. Its a perfect cream for dry skin which protects you from cold winds and gives it the essentials to keep it healthy and glowing. Vitamin E is an important nutrient and is critical for healthy skin. Caffeine tones your skin. Shea Caffeine Cold Cream with Vitamin E is an all in one face cream. Stay healthy, stay active, and glow like you are the sun. Did we mention the fragrance that will ring up a playful mood.

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