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Complete Summer Coffee Pack

Skin & Hair Care Essentials For Summers
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The Complete Summer Coffee Pack is the only skincare kit that packs all the essentials you’d need for summer-ready skin and hair. Suitable for all skin types, the set is supercharged with Caffeine goodness that’ll get you #AddictedToGood.

This Combo-set contains: 9 Products

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Why should you buy?

All Summer Essentials for Hair and Skin

This immersive summer personal care kit is your one-stop shop for all that you need to keep your skin stunning and hair breezy throughout the season. The kit contains some bestselling skincare and hair care favorites such as the Award-winning Coffee Body Scrub and India’s First Coffee Scalp Scrub.

Packed with Caffeine Goodness

Loaded with boosting antioxidants that fight free radicals, this caffeinated kit has got you covered! Be it cleansing, toning, or soothing, Caffeine is the heart of this entire summer kit, ready to get you hooked right away.

Elevating Aroma

Made with pure Arabica Coffee, this summer kit exudes the refreshingly zesty aroma of freshly grounded Coffee beans that energize the senses.


Coffee Body Scrub The award-winning scrub is made with 100% Pure Arabica Coffee that expertly exfoliates, smoothens, and polishes the skin while reducing cellulite.
Espresso Coffee Bathing Bar World’s first bean shaped bathing bar. Coffee deeply cleanses and energizes skin; Antioxidant-rich Caffeine and Pure Coffee Oil tone the skin; Vitamin E nourishes and conditions skin.
Coffee Body Lotion Antioxidant-rich Coffee tones the skin, while its rich Caffeine content tones, Vitamin C provides sun damage protection, Shea Butter moisturizes and softens skin.
Coffee Face Wash Coffee deep cleanses, de-puffs, and fights free radicals, while its rich Caffeine content tones the skin; White Water Lily soothes inflammation, Aloe Vera nourishes the skin.
Coffee Face Scrub Coffee exfoliates the skin; Walnut granules also exfoliate as well as polish and smoothen the skin; Hibiscus tones and firms skin, Vitamin E improves skin elasticity.
Coffee Face Mask Caffeine-rich Coffee reduces puffiness and tones the skin, Cocoa prevents dry skin and soothes the skin, Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, and Multani Mitti remove excess oil.
Coffee Face Serum Caffeine-rich Coffee fights free radicals, tones skin, White Water Lily eases hyperpigmentation and soothes the skin, Hyaluronic Acid hydrates, and conditions skin.
Coffee Scalp Scrub Removes 99% dandruff-causing microbes. India’s first Coffee Scalp Scrub, Coffee Powder that exfoliates, banishes dandruff and clears buildup, Natural AHA exfoliates, removes dead skin.
Coffee Shampoo Coffee Extract deep cleanses, promotes hair growth, and reduces hair fall, Protein nourishes and strengthens the hair shafts, Caffeine controls hair fall.

How to use

Summer Face Care

Step 1: Cleanse

  • Pour a small quantity of the Coffee Face Wash onto your palm, apply on a damp face and work up a lather.
  • Massage the face for a minute, wash it off thoroughly, and pat dry. Use every day, both morning and evening for best results.

Step 2: Exfoliate

  • On a wet and clean face apply a small amount of the Coffee Face Scrub and spread it to the neck, avoiding any contact with eyes.
  • Gently scrub in circular motions for a minute and then wash it off and pat dry.

Step 3: Mask

  • Apply a generous amount of the Coffee Face Mask with the spatula and spread it in an even layer.
  • Avoid the area around the eyes, brows, and lips. Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water in a gentle scrubbing circular motion. Use twice a week for best results.

Step 4: Hydrate

  • Gently dab a few drops of the Coffee Face Serum all over your face.
  • Massage the serum onto your face and neck in an upward motion till it sinks in.
  • Follow up with a moisturizer to seal the hydration. Use every day for best results.

Summer Body Care

Step 1: Cleanse

  • Apply the Espresso Coffee Bathing Bar onto wet skin and work into a rich lather before rinsing thoroughly with water.
  • Pat dry and follow with an application of body butter or lotion.
  • You can use the bathing bar during your showers every day.

Step 2: Exfoliate

  • Scoop some Coffee Body Scrub and exfoliate in circular motions to slough away dry and dead skin.
  • Wash off excess oil and scrub with warm water and follow up with body butter to seal in the moisture. Use twice a week for best results.

Step 3: Moisturize

  • Pump 3-4 dollops of Coffee Body Lotion into your palm.
  • Gently massage it over your body, especially the legs, arms, and dry areas.
  • Bask in the zesty aroma of the lotion as it absorbs into your skin.
  • For best results use it daily or when your skin needs moisturization.

Summer Hair Care

Step 1: Exfoliate

  • Wet the hair and part it into sections.
  • Apply the Coffee Scalp Scrub on the scalp and massage it for a couple of minutes in gentle motions. Repeat until the scalp is covered.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and follow up with a gentle shampoo. Use once a week for best results.

Step 2: Cleanse

  • Apply a generous amount of Coffee Shampoo to wet scalp and hair.
  • Massage it gently and work up a lather.
  • Leave it in your hair for a few minutes and then rinse off thoroughly with water. Use as per your hair wash day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coffee really good for the skin and hair?

Coffee is an excellent exfoliator. It gets the skin rid of dirt and dead skin cells. It also polishes the body and is a superfood for hair. It is a natural source of caffeine that is rich in antioxidants.

All products are Peta Certified, 100% Vegan, Paraben Free, Cruelty-Free, Mineral Oil Free, Sulphate & Silicone Free & other harmful chemicals free. They are FDA Approved, Clinically Tested, Made Safe.

Complete Summer Coffee Pack is suitable for all skin types.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews

Amazing products.....fregrance is too loverust try

Sai reddy
Yummy 😋(kidding)

It was going to be super cool products for the 🔥 summer !!!! Trust me you can't believe the changes after using once or twice of the product... You will see the difference right after the first usage... Mainly the smell of the products is awesome...
Inshort THE BEST PRODUCTS BY MCAFFEINE... Mainly the face scrub and body scrub are very useful for me... Much much thanks for mcaffeine .... in love with mcaffeine products 💕💕💕💕💕

Zubiyha Shaikh

Complete Summer Coffee Pack

Sunayna Kashyap Singh
Heart healthy Gift :)

Hellllo MCaffeine Team!

I bought this wonderful Summer Pack for my daughter who was being introduced to the world of body scrub, sculp scrub and other essential beauty necessities for the first time. I chose your carefully curated Summer pack for her as we live in a pretty dry place where Indian Summer is just setting in! And I must say, she's delighted to have it and I'm very happy to see that it's well-suited to her skin and the glow is pretty visible already! Only one suggestion, kindly include a TONER, and a CONDITIONER in your pack as those two are essential for skin and hair care.

Thanks again!!
Wishing Happy Diwali to your entire team in advance!

Sarah Anna Shaji
Complete summer coffee pack

❤️ Feels caffeinated In love with these coffee products

Anjali Patel

Awesome products...just loved it🥰

Complete Summer Coffee Pack

Caffeine: Our Secret Ingredient

Experience the rush of caffeine & get addicted to the good! The ultimate hair-care hero and skin-superfood, Caffeine is at the heart of all our products.


We are addicted to good

The rush of energy, the boost of antioxidants, the irresistible aromas and all the good that superfood caffeine offers. Don't say we didn't warn you!