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Acne Control Kit with Face Scrub - Cappuccino Coffee Routine

Kills 99.9% Acne Causing Germs | Exfoliates | Oil Control
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Kills 99.9% acne causing germs! Need we say more? This kit combats acne, controls oil, reduces spots and gently moisturizes skin. Enriched with Coffee, the kit is rich in caffeine & antioxidants to help clear skin. Perfectly balanced for your skin!

Your search stops here! The complete acne-control skincare routine with a mild and much needed face exfoliator is finally here. Introducing the mCaffeine Acne Control Kit - Cappuccino Coffee Routine with Face Scrub. This complete Cappuccino Coffee Routine consists of the Naked & Raw Cappuccino Coffee Foaming Face Wash, Cappuccino Coffee Face Scrub, Cappuccino Coffee Face Mask and the Cappuccino Coffee Face Moisturizer that together not only combat acne and control oil but also help in reducing dark spots & pigmentation.

Exfoliation is an essential skincare step that is often overlooked in fear of aggravating acne-prone skin. However, just like a comforting Cappuccino cuppa, the Naked & Raw Cappuccino Face Scrub is effective and mild so as to not irritate flare-ups. The caffeine-rich coffee kit helps to keep skin clear, toned & healthy, and is only made better with its rich aroma of freshly grounded coffee beans.

Cappuccino Acne Control Routine with Exfoliation? Yes, please.

Naked & Raw Cappuccino Coffee Face wash - 75 ml
Controls Acne | Reduces redness & inflammation | Controls Oil
Hit the refresh button with Cappuccino Coffee Foaming Face Wash that Kills 99.9% Acne Causing Germs. The antibacterial properties of Cinnamon & anti-inflammatory properties of Vitamin E work together to control acne. Caffeine in Coffee reduces skin redness & inflammation. Moreover, Cinnamon also contains anti-fungal properties that help to control excess oil.

Naked & Raw Cappuccino Coffee Face Scrub - 75 gm
Mildly Exfoliates | Reduces Acne | Reduces Spots & Pigmentation
The caffeine-rich face scrub contains mildly exfoliating Coffee particles. It has Cinnamon that controls acne and Vitamin E that helps in reducing spots & pigmentation. In addition, the Kaolin and Bentonite Clays in the face scrub absorb excess oil, controlling the sebum production in the skin which in turn controls acne. The scrub Kills 99.9% Acne Causing Germs.

Naked & Raw Cappuccino Coffee Face Mask - 100 gm
Acne Control | Oil control | Tones & Soothes
The toning Cappuccino Coffee Face Mask is powered by Salicylic Acid that helps weaken the acne-causing bacteria and Kills 99.9% Acne Causing Germs. It also exfoliates and penetrates the pores to get your skin rid of excess oil. Salicylic Acid helps in acne control, Almond Milk soothes the skin and Kaolin clay removes excess oil from the skin.

Naked & Raw Cappuccino Coffee Moisturizer - 50 ml
Lightweight Moisturization | Tones Skin | Soothes Skin
A lightweight moisturizer, the Cappuccino Coffee Moisturizer is your staple for soft & supple skin. The Caffeine-rich Coffee in the moisturizer tones the skin while Vitamin E & Almond Milk soothe the skin.

The mCaffeine Cappuccino Acne Control Kit with Face Scrub is free from SLS, SLES, and Silicones. It is also dermatologically tested, paraben-free and pH balanced. Designed to be suitable for all skin types, we recommend using the face wash & moisturizer daily and the full kit twice a week for fresh, clear and healthy skin.


Coffee is a skin superfood that fights free radicals and is rich in caffeine and antioxidants that help clear and polish skin.


The routine should begin with the face wash, followed by face scrub (twice a week), followed by the mask (twice a week) and finally completed with the moisturizer.


The Acne Control Kit - Cappuccino Coffee Routine contains the skin clearing benefits of Coffee, Cinnamon, Vit E, Salicylic Acid, Kaolin Clay and Almond Milk. These ingredients work together to control oil and reduce acne overtime.


The mCaffeine Acne Control Kit - Cappuccino Coffee Routine is suitable for all skin types.


The kit is completely free from SLS, Paraben and other harmful chemicals. It is 100% Vegan, Peta Certified Cruelty Free, Dermatologically Tested & FDA Approved.

Follow these steps to use the routine correctly:

Squeeze a small amount of the Naked & Raw Cappuccino Coffee Face Wash on your palm, apply on a damp face to work up the lather and avoid contact with eyes.

Mask: Use twice a week
On clean skin, apply a generous amount of Cappuccino Coffee Face Mask & spread it into an even layer. Avoid the area around the eyes, brows, and lips. Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse it off with water.

Exfoliate: Use twice a week.

On a clean face, apply the Cappuccino Coffee Face Scrub to the face and neck. Gently scrub in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. Avoid contact with eyes and rinse off with water.

Apply the cappuccino face moisturizer evenly to the face and neck after cleansing. Gently massage it in an upward circular motion.

Acne Control Kit with Face Scrub - Cappuccino Coffee Routine

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Saila Sree

Can't believe that it works to this extent. Healthy to skin.

Daksha Rasal

Acne Control Kit with Face Scrub - Cappuccino Coffee Routine

Pallavi Goswamy
Worth the buy!!

My skin is extremely sensitive and very few products suit me, my skin usually breaks out with most products. So far I have used the foam face wash and scrub from this kit. They are both fab. I was very reluctant to buy it. But it's worth the buy. Does what it claims and no break outs for me this time. Skin didn't feel dry after use. Yet to use the mask and moisturizer. Will definitely write a review post that!! Fragrance is very natural.. not too strong.. mild coffee...All in all happy me!