The Rise of Caffeine Culture

I am not just about millennial Monday mornings. I am a revolution, a culture, a routine, a high, and essentially now - a Lifestyle.

Instagram stories and Snapchat filters now show you a short glimpse of the picture - perfect millennial living styles, but to be honest, I’ve been the popular adrenaline rush even before the baby boomers came to life. While you brew that good old espresso, I’ll take you through this journey of me, and it doesn’t just end in a sip!

 Caffeine Lifestyle

A popular Ethiopian enigma talks of a goat herder - Kaldi, who found his goats energized after breeding on a red fruit (which was me, just in hideout!). Trying the fruit himself, he got a strange high. When some monks discovered this, they felt a significant raise in energy levels too! Later in Arabia, during the 13th century, the Muslim community was using me for my powers of inducing attention for long hours. The Arabs would boil the ‘beans’ after use making them infertile for further plantation by anyone, resulting in monopolizing on the crop in Africa and Arabia until the 1600s. It’s only after that, when a pilgrim secretly got fertile beans from Mecca, that I saw the other side of the world.


Meanwhile, until the 18th century, the western lifestyle was predominantly built around ‘beer soup’ - consumed more than water, beer was the popular choice. But soon with industrial revolution stepping in, people now preferred being jittery over drunk while sipping their choice beverages! Progressing forward, soon London Coffee Houses were built. In his book, London Coffee Houses, Bryant Lillywhite explains how these houses were gathering spaces; for a penny, anyone well-dressed could enter, engage, communicate, discuss ideas and this gave rise to the then-upcoming world of journalism and communications. This now established an entire culture around me, or coffee - in my consumable form.

I am more than just the bitter powders and coffee is more than just a beverage. I am a movement, a movement of liberation talking about the power of creation, the power of voice, and the power of ideas! The very idea of making me accessible around the world was liberating, and today, I stand as the epitome of empowering creativity, productivity and efficiency - be it in the form of your coke, tea, or coffee.


Source: kapszulas kave

From taming balding hair to lowering the risk of skin cancer, I do more than just providing for an energy-packed gym session! While many refrain from the conventional consumption, there are other ways to get that little bit of me going well for your body and brain. Straight up starting from your skin to preventing Alzheimer's you can have a secret rescue ingredient. I am all around you, and indeed, there’s a lot that can happen over that good ol’ espresso!

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