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What are Parabens?

Product? Essential Ingredient? Chemical?

You deserve an honest answer to this as you may be using it on your hair and skin regularly!


Parabens are chemicals which are added to cosmetics, daily skincare, and hair care products in the form of preservatives to counter bacteria growth in them. They also stimulate a counter wall against fungi development in the products. Now, the property of parabens of altering bacterial and fungal growth in your products may give you a positive vibe about this chemicals BUT they play a catalyst in causing skin diseases. Diseases ranging from irritation,  dermatitis, rosacea and other allergic reactions.They are a big threat to those with sensitive skin and can pose a serious challenge once they cause reaction on your skin. The recovery from ill-effect caused by this chemical can be a tough call for you.

Parabens are found in wide range of products. As mentioned earlier, parabens are a common ingredient in health and beauty products. Specifically used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and personal care products Apart from these they are also found in various personal hygiene products like deodorant, toothpaste, toilet and shaving gels.

For this reason, your daily skin care and hair care routine demands a more natural choice of products which not only gives your skin and hair a fresh blow but also keeps it away from this side-effects. After the researches by many scientists and the facts on harmful effects of paraben, many brands have started making paraben free products. Mcaffeine's choice to keep paraben-free products is also a genuine intention to give your skin a refreshing experience.

Parabens being a potential threat to skin shall be avoided from use. It is important to choose the products containing natural ingredients. Hence you should check for the ingredients while purchasing any skin or hair care product. This way you can ensure that your hormone level is not negatively affected and can also keep a check on what your skin is actually absorbing.


  • Posted On October 28, 2017 by Apurva

    I would like to know that are these products organic ?

  • Posted On July 06, 2017 by Akshay mehta

    Mineral oil and SLS (sodium) too are harmful for hair. I hope you are working on getting a shampoo void of these ingredients too. Eagerly Awaiting.

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